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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

15 Things to Do Before You Move

Your move may take you across town or across the country. No matter, change is in the wind and you’re about to embark on something new and hopefully exciting. But before you move, take in or do the following 15 things before you move.

1. Take pictures. Lots of them. Your children will have questions about their previous address when they get older. You can respond by supplying them with a stream of photos you took of the house before you left it behind.

2. Acquire your documents. You’ll need documents from the school, dentist, doctor’s office and bank before you leave. Make inquiry about these documents at least a month prior to your move.

3. Take a mini vacation. Taking time off as you plan your move seems counter productive. At the same time, why not take a few days off to relax and unwind? In doing so you can recharge your batteries and get back to packing.

4. Map out your route to your new home. Get out a map and find a route to your new home. Don’t necessarily follow the well traveled route — take the back roads and find interesting places to stop along the way.

5. Hold a garage sale. You won’t be taking everything you own with you when you make your move. Therefore, it is important to hold a garage sale to get rid of your excess. It can also be a great opportunity to say goodbye to your neighbors.

6. Visit your favorite restaurant. Make one last visit to your favorite restaurant. Order something new or familiar, it doesn’t matter. Get in your goodbyes and treat yourself to a memorable evening with an unforgettable dessert.

7. Make plans for your new home. If time permits, begin making plans for your new home. Figure out where the furniture will be placed and what updates you might want to do as soon as you move in.

8. Create an overnight bag. You’ll need to have some items on hand as you make your move. Toothpaste and toothbrushes, headache medicine, deodorant and other items should be handy. Keep these in an overnight bag and bring that bag with you.

9. Head to the movies. The summer’s blockbuster movie cannot wait. Take your children to see it and you’ll give everyone a well deserved diversion.

10. Head to the park. Take your children to their park and invite some friends to meet up with you. Allow them to burn off their energy while giving you time to say farewell to their parents.

11. Get some ice cream. You’ll be busier than you ever thought when you plan your move explains Allied Moving Company. But never too busy to stop and smell the roses or to eat your favorite ice cream.

12. Head to school. If your children are leaving during the middle of the school year, make sure you stop in and say goodbye to their teachers. It’ll mean a lot to the instructors and your kids will appreciate the visit too.

13. Pack a priority box. When you arrive in your new home, you’ll be looking for certain items that won’t be easily found. Then again, if you create a priority box and instruct the movers to put in a certain place, you’ll have those must have items available as soon as you need them.

14. Shop ’til you drop. Gather your girlfriends and head to the mall. Look for deals, chat, laugh and eat. You’ll need this time to say your farewells to those who matter much to you.

15. Visit the veterinary. Your pet should have her last shots and her care updated before you move. Bring those records with you.

Fond Farewells

You’ll be bidding people farewell multiple times as you plan your move far from your current home. Saying goodbye is never easy, but with social media now part of our lives, staying connected is possible.

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