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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fireplace Adds a Touch of Warmth to the Home

Those wintry days in the winter season takes your breath away literally. To make sure that the blood running in your veins is still in the liquid state, you would certainly want to sit beside the fireplace in your living room. Fireplaces not only provide warmth to your body but also give a royal and traditional look to your living place.

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Importance of fireplace

Many people do not consider fireplace to be an important investment. More than the question that whether the fireplace is important or not, what is to be considered is whether it is necessary or not. Fireplace becomes a necessity in your house if you live in a place that has four seasons. Here are a few reasons why you should add a fireplace in your living room.
  • Fireplaces add value to your house to a great extent. If you are planning to sell the house in near future, then adding a fireplace can increase the price quite a bit because most families looks for a nice fireplace which has got a beautiful mantelpiece.
  • Fireplaces with the mantelpiece bring a sense of charm as well as beauty to your living room.
  • Fireplaces make your living room much cozier and add a touch of warmth to your home. It looks inviting and guests love coming to such a house.
  • If it is you and your soul mate living in the house, the fireplace can add to the romantic environment in the house.
  • Holidays and parties in the winter evenings along with your friends become much more unique with the warmth of fireplace in the living room.
Safety tips for your fireplace

Do you love those winter evenings where you sit by the fireplace with your favorite novel and forget the time. Well, who doesn’t? To enjoy sitting by the fireplace, you need to maintain it properly.

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Moreover, you should follow some safety tips so that you can keep your fireplace safe and along with that you can also keep your house safe. Following these tips, you can prevent the fire and smoke from spreading to the other areas of your home resulting in a mishap.
  • Make sure you open the damper before you light the fire and also do not close it until the ashes in the fireplace have cooled down totally.
  • The ashes which have cooled down completely should be placed in a metal container and should be stored outside the house.
  • All the flammable materials such as paper, wood, wires should be stored far away from the fireplace.
  • To keep the embers contained, you should make use of a screen.
  • Do not use fluids or other kinds of fuel in the fireplace for ignition. One should only use small amounts of dry as well as well seasoned woods only.
  • The chimneys of the fireplace should be cleaned every year and make sure that it is done professionally. This will help in preventing the tar and creosote that generally builds up in the chimneys. If you use the fireplace too much, then once a time servicing will not do. You will have to do more frequent servicing. If you are using a gas fireplace, then it should be serviced by someone who is qualified and experienced in this field.
  • There should be smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed and you should also make sure that they are functioning properly before you start the fire in your fireplace.
  • For gas fireplaces keep on checking the flame color which should be nothing other than clear blue.
We hope you stay safe and warm with these fireplace safety tips this winter also help you to find right fireplace for your home.

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