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Monday, January 11, 2016

Five of the Best Hi-Tech Improvements in Today's Construction Industry

Construction equipment is increasingly using new technology to make sure that the work is carried out efficiently, safely and to a very high standard. Here are five of the most modern machines that you can find on a building site today.

The term "hi-tech" doesn't just mean touchscreens and internet capability. The construction industry uses new technology in all sorts of ways, from lighter, tougher materials and improved mechanisms to ways to improve fuel efficiency or make sure people are safe. Sites are designed using CAD (Computer Assisted Design), and materials like polyester fibre, fibreglass and other specialised substances are now used alongside traditional concrete and steel.

1. Powered Access Handlers

No matter the size of your site, you will probably need to reach somewhere much higher than your head. Powered access platforms allow you to lift people or loads, even when space on the ground is limited. Boom platforms can be either towed or self-propelling, and for heavier loads hydraulically powered scissor platforms can be used to reach those upper storeys. If you're looking at plant hire in Essex, there should be a range of lifting machines available for a range of purpose and budgets.

2. Telehandlers

Telescopic handlers, or telehandlers, look a bit like a cross between a train and a forklift truck, which is really what they are. They are excellent for lifting and shifting loads with just one machine, but there is much more to them than that. A range of attachments can be fitted to a telehandler to allow it to perform a wide range of jobs in construction, agriculture and heavy industry.

3. Dumpers

A dumper is ideal for moving loads of up to 10 tonnes around any building site. The driver steers from behind the skip. The skip is operated by electronics or hydraulics and can be tipped forward or swivelled to tip at an angle to the truck, which is very useful on narrow sites. Dumpers are surprisingly versatile and can be used for shifting materials on a range of building sites. Improvements in hydraulic systems mean that they can be used with heavier loads and on more awkward sites.

4. Excavators

Modern excavators, or diggers, range in size from micro through mini and midi to large. They are used on many sites for digging holes, trenches and foundations, but they can handle many more tasks than that. With different attachments, modern excavators can handle dredging, forestry work, pile-driving and demolition. They can handle bigger loads safely and more accurately than ever before.

5. Modular Construction

Increasingly, building parts or nearly complete buildings are assembled in factories off-site and transported to be assembled. It minimises disruption, cuts down construction time and has environmental advantages such as fewer vehicles travelling to and from the site. It also means that plant hire in Essex and other areas will need to supply the means to move and assemble larger sections of buildings accurately and efficiently.

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