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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sisal flooring is the perfect example of modern style and comfort for trendy people

Idea of using the carpets or rugs as a floor covering and part of the home décor is not certainly a recent passion of the people. Many antique carpets have been discovered across the world dating back to the era of B.C.   It is a matter of debate to conclude on the exact date of beginning of carpet weaving and historians are still researching it.  However, since the discovery of the oldest carpet in one of the tombs of Altai Mountains in Siberia dating back to 5th century B.C, it has been safely preserved in a museum and has become a major object of attraction for the visitors.  The design and the pattern on this oldest carpet of the world speak of the civilization and of that ancient period and marks the creative skills of the carpet weavers. Many people are aware of the fact of to what extent the carpet weaving of Persia or recent day Iran has been in high demand across the world and still maintaining its popularity among the world population.  European countries have drawn inspiration from the Middle East countries for weaving. Now, well known carpet weavers in Australia are using the natural fibers for weaving and designing their own unique range of carpets. 

The use of sisal flooring in homes and offices as the main decoration piece and its usefulness for practical purposes has seen the demand for sisal flooring increase in recent years. One of the successful ventures of green revolutionary activities is the weaving of natural carpets or flooring by weaving organizations who have successfully crafted their carpets from sisal, coir, jute and seagrass. The Floorspace sisal flooring is woven from the natural fiber, sisal and has established itself as a unique product which exceeds the other creations or the designs done by their competitors. The sisal used in the process of weaving the carpet is actually a fiber extracted from the leaves of the cactus plant growing in the areas of South Africa, Brazil and Mexico.  It is cleaned and dried and made into ropes and later used in the loom for the weaving of rugs and carpets. Floorspace sisal flooring forms the perfect example of beautiful room décor and comfort and the benefits are highlighted below:

a)      Investment in sisal flooring is a good choice because the fiber is very strong and therefore not prone to wear and tear with the passage of time. Everyone can afford to buy their products, either in a customized form simply by either visiting their showroom or their online store.
b)      Available in different colors and patterns, the soft surface of sisal flooring makes the movements of anyone bare footed feel comfortable and lets anyone sit comfortably on the floor.
c)       Sisal flooring does not discharge static electricity unlike synthetic carpets. Therefore, it is safer for anyone to walk on in bare feet, especially children and older people.
d)      When any foreign substance from the environment or tea or coffee or any other liquid comes in contact with sisal flooring, it will not cause anything to reside or any stain to happen and it is known to resist any kind of dust.
e)      You only need to vacuum it occasionally to keep your sisal flooring clean, including high traffic areas of the sisal flooring. Dry cleaning is the ideal solution for sisal flooring and Floorspace offer a cleaning kit free of cost along with the appropriate customer service too.
f)       It is necessary to keep sisal flooring free from contact of moisture in any form. Therefore, sisal flooring is only applicable in the dry areas, away from the bathroom, laundry or the kitchen. Mainly because the chances of coming in contact with moisture is higher if you install the carpets near these areas.
g)      Known to have biodegradable quality as it is a recyclable product.
h)      Perfect for heavy traffic areas as it qualifies also as a great sound absorber.

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