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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Steps to make a Right Choice for a Custom Home Builder

You have planned to get your house built in accordance with your dreams, and are in a fix how to go about this. In other words, you are looking for a custom home builder who understands your requirement and who can design the perfect home for you, considering the major portions of your budget.

Custom home builders show you the design templates given in their catalogues, and you can also mix and match combinations, for getting the best customized property.  A ‘good experience’ in getting your home built will include the cost falling well into your budget with quality materials used and the house being ready well on time without any hassles.

Along with registration certificates and deposit money, you must also know about the sample works and previous experiences of the custom home builders.

Following a few tips listed below can ensure you do not make any mistakes in your choice for custom home builders.

1. References and inputs from friends and relatives:
There is no harm in getting as many references as you can as this will give you a fair idea of the many builders and their way of operating. You should be able to get all your queries answered, like where the company gets the material from, who they have built for in the past, who they subcontract to and the contact names along with the phone numbers.

It might be a tedious job, but you need to make sure you call all of them so that you are not misled. You need to get in touch with the inspectors, contractors and all those custom home builders who have designing skills and innovative ideas to convert your home into a dream abode.

2. Look for ‘dry basements’
  • You do not need to be an expert to ask for a dry basement. Find out what guarantee these custom home builder offers you for dry basements as you are not looking out for any sort of problems in the near future.
  • A builder who is equally interested as you are in building a home will ensure that the basement is dry for at least 20 years. Good custom home builders will always share the current market trends with you, before you finally assign them with the task of building homes.
3. Allowances and Options

Find out details about expenditures like the flooring and cabinets and their cost. This might not be included by the builder in the initial estimate given to you. You also need to know where you will be buying the tiles and cabinets you require. You might be given a choice of buying these from the showroom of the builder or else buy this from anywhere else.

4. Flooring and the Materials used

Find out which flooring material will be used for your home and the reasons for the same. As you find a wide range of these materials in the market with different properties, the builder should be sure that specific flooring will work well for your home and should be able to explain the same to you.

5. Look for the Smallest Details

Make sure you re in the know of the smallest details of your home, like, the plumbing of copper or any other material, the window casings, I-Beams and even the bathroom showers.  Besides getting all the details in writing, you should not overlook the warranty offered to you and make sure that this, too, is in writing, so that you can keep a copy with you in case of any problems.

Look for good customer service before you make up your mind on a specific builder. Normally, there are no discounts in building a home, so check twice if you are offered these.

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