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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tips for hiring a property management services company for House Owners Association

Devoting time is often a constraint for board members of Home Owners Association and the problem is compounded further when the members lack managerial expertise that is required to run the association.  There are occasions when the gap between the members of the association and the board becomes a bottleneck in smooth functioning of the association. After all, it is not possible for the board of directors only to run the show. Members might have engagements outside the community that prevents them from paying more attention and devote adequate time for the association. When these signs are visible, it is time to turn to a Southern California property management company that has a team of efficient managers to ensure smooth functioning of the association and also take care of its financial health. 

Having decided to hire professional managers, you have to discern the objectives of selection so that the process becomes easy and the right company is hired. The parameters that have to be considered have been discussed in the following paragraphs.

Check the legalities

The laws of the state governing House Owners Association has to be carefully considered before proceeding to hire the services of an individual or a company. There can be legal stipulations regarding the eligibility criteria of association managers and for better understanding it is advisable to consult an attorney for guidance. 

Know the community needs

Since the job of property management is directed at protecting the interests of the community of house owners it is only normal to take into consideration their needs.  As the needs would form the basis of listing all services that you would like to get from the Southern California property management company it is better to seek the views of the community members and collate it to derive a final one. This would help to focus on the appropriate profile of the company that would be capable of delivering the services. The size of the community and its needs would determine whether an individual or a company would be suitable for the job.

Searching for the company

To facilitate the searching process, since the board members are already pre-occupied, it is worth to form a small committee that might be entrusted with the job of searching for the right Southern California property management company. If this is also not possible, then a consultant may be hired to do the job. However, the search procedure has to be in compliance with the bye-laws of the association.

Get referrals

Once you have shortlisted the names, a background check has to be conducted. This can be done by contacting the referrals that has been obtained from the prospective candidates to judge their potential. Checking the credit history of the company may also be considered.

The contract

Once again, hiring a lawyer to draft and finalize the contract is recommended.  The tenure of the contract may be as short as a year with suitable provision for termination so that in case of any inconvenience in services, other options can be looked into soon.

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