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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

3 Signs that You Are Dealing with a Bad Marrickville Real Estate Agent

The housing market in the Marrickville has undoubtedly improved in the past several years. Because of the relatively healthy economy of the metropolitan, it is not surprising that it has been experiencing boom in the housing sector. This is why more and more citizens are exploring possibilities of buying or investing on a property in Marrickville.

If you are one of the hundreds of people who are looking for a property to buy in Marrickville, you should know that despite majority of real estate companies and their agents are skilled and have unquestionable knowledge of the market, there are also ones that tend to care less about clients, let alone some do not possess good marketing skills. This is the main reason why it is important that you correctly choose the people you work with, saving yourself from the hassle of dealing with people who may not give you a helping hand at all in your Marrickville real estate venture.

You may want to familiarize yourself with the red flags of a dubious and unreliable real estate agent in order to avoid wasting your time and resources throughout the process. If you feel that the agent you are about to deal with has the traits identified below, you may want to go back to the drawing board and look for a better real estate company.

Agent has limited local knowledge – The Marrickville housing market, while being relatively small, is quite tricky as it is. This is why your real estate agent’s local knowledge and local market know-how play a vital role. If the real estate agents Marrickville are not very familiar with how the real estate market works, they cannot guide you accurately. You cannot ask something from your agent that he or she cannot provide. This is why it is extremely important to work with an agent who has vast experience in the Marrickville housing market so he or she can promptly and correctly lead you properties for sale that compliment your budget and preference.

Agent works for an unknown real estate company­ – Think twice before hiring a real estate agent who works for rather unknown agency. If you want to find the best deal in the Marrickville, you must work with an agent who has expansive connections or works for a company that maintains solid network of home sellers. Real estate agents Marrickville who have diversified network of sellers can definitely lead you to a good housing market deal in no time. While there are no shortcuts in the housing industry, a well-connected agent can cut corners for your own benefit, saving you time and resources.

Agent is too aggressive – Being aggressive and competitive is a trait of a good real estate agent, but it is a different story when he or she crosses the line and become hostile. It is almost impossible to deal with very aggressive agent because you may be put into places that you may feel uncomfortable and alienated, which is why it is vital to choose an agent who despite being aggressive, is polite as well. Choose an agent who can prioritize your concerns and requests and put you in a good housing market position, but avoid an agent whose being very aggressive puts you in a hostile situation.

The Marrickville real estate market may be tricky, but if you are guided by a real estate agent who has solid local market knowledge, has expansive connections, and knows how to be aggressive, you can be certain that you will find your dream home in no time. Now that you already know the common traits of a bad real estate agent, make sure not to fall for one.

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