Monday, February 1, 2016


Most house hunters dream of living in the Research Triangle Park apartments. These luxurious pads sprawl across the three main cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, comprising the triangle. The RTP is a coveted work destination of approximately 40,000 talents hailing from the region’s best universities, looking for science, technical and engineering jobs. Business professionals, corporate executives, scientists, researchers and professors love staying close to the RTP area. Why? Read on to get your answers. 

Only a Few Miles from the RTP
Staying several miles away from your workplace is a tiring experience for busy corporate executives. It’s a real pain in the neck if you have to commute miles over miles to your workplace, leaving you stressed by the time you reach office. On the contrary, if you have a rented apartment at the Triangle Park, expect to travel only a few miles to reach your workplace. This way, you enjoy a great work-life balance, making your evenings enjoyable and stress-free. Expect to reach work within 15-20 minutes by road if you are staying in one of the RTP apartments. This means getting to work is super-easy even on busy Monday mornings. 

Close to Major Highways
Nobody likes to get stuck in traffic or to drive cars at a snail’s pace. If you own or rent an apartment near RTP, you’re just a couple of minutes from the Durham Freeway and the Interstate-85. When you reach the highway in a jiffy, expect to spend only a minute at max per mile while driving. Commuting on normal roads, on the contrary, would mean wasting three minutes for each mile due to sluggish vehicle speed and heavy traffic. 

Better Monday Mornings
When you live in close proximity to your office and reach the Durham Freeway right away, you take less time to get to work. This gives you more time to enjoy your Monday mornings. Sleep a little more or sweat out at your apartment’s community gym before a warm, refreshing shower. You can even take more time to relish your morning breakfast at home. 

Enjoy Lunch at Home
Have a limited lunchtime at office? Not a problem! You will take only a few minutes to reach home and savor a healthy, home-cooked meal. It’s not only good for your health, but also easy on your pocket. There is no need to eat outside, ordering high-calorie pizzas or burgers for office lunch. If your spouse is a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom or dad, this also means having lunch together, every single day!

Take Alternative Routes to Work
Got stuck in traffic due to a car crash a few miles off the Durham Freeway? There is a solution. Living in the RTP apartments will provide you with alternative options to get to work. Take another highway without moving around the whole triangle area. Taking easy, alternative routes means you’ll never be late for work, no matter what happens on the road. 

Get Forgotten Presentation Material from Home
Left behind an important file at home for a corporate presentation in the afternoon? Fret not. You need not struggle hard to reach home. Simply drive back to get your USB drive and be ready for your big business presentation. No one will even notice that you’ve left office for a few minutes to fetch those presentation materials. And, this is only possible if you are living in an RTP apartment. 

Staying in the Research Triangle Park apartments provides an array of benefits to working executives. Spend less time on the road, sleep more before going to work and enjoy a better work-life balance. Life can’t get any better.

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