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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Benefits of Outsourcing Office Refurbishment

As the economy continues to recover following the most recent recession, and despite the economic meltdown in Greece and the potential knock-on effects in the rest of the Eurozone, many businesses in the UK are flourishing.

As a result, and careful not to take on too much too soon, firms are looking into the possibility of refurbishment rather than expensive relocations in a bid to increase office space. Refurbishment can also be the answer for those looking to retain similar levels of staffing but cut fixed costs by downsizing to smaller premises.

Of course, taking on a large-scale refurbishment project alongside the day-to-day running of a business is far from easy. Many firms look to outsource this task, and in doing so they invariably enjoy a better outcome and may even save money in the long term. But what other benefits does working with specialist office refurbishment services offer?

1. Expertise
Office refurbishment companies offer a myriad of skills to firms that hire them, from interior designers to project managers and build professionals, all working together to provide a bespoke office space kitted out to each firm's exact needs and specifications.

2. Cost-Efficiency
Office refurbishment companies typically work with many of the same suppliers on a regular basis, and as such are able to negotiate better deals on essentials like fixtures, fittings and even labour. They are then able to pass these savings on to the companies they are working with to provide a more cost-effective service.

In addition to any upfront costs, office refurbishment firms can ensure installations and equipment are best suited to the environment, ensuring businesses save money on maintenance costs in the longer term.

3. Increased Productivity and Morale and a Great First Impression for Clients
A fresh look can have a fantastic impact on office morale and productivity. Investing in the work environment to make it a more comfortable place sends a message to employees that they are valued, and they will work harder as a result.
 In addition, a professionally designed office will impress clients, filling them with confidence.

4. Legislation and Compliance
 New laws are constantly coming into effect. Office refurbishment companies are able to help firms to comply with the latest legislation - for example, ensuring compliance with health and safety and energy performance regulations (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive).

Refurbishment specialists are able to create greener, more ethically responsible workspaces by utilising renewable resources which use energy more efficiently. This kind of corporate social responsibility places firms head and shoulders above their competitors.

5. New Facilities
As businesses evolve and grow, the need for new and additional facilities often arises. An office refurbishment firm will be able to advise on how these can be incorporated into the existing space, often eliminating the need for relocation.

A full and comprehensive consultation will also reveal which facilities may become necessary in the future. These can be allowed for in the planning process.

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