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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vertical Garden: Possible Ideas to Beautify Free Space

Are you planning to utilize a vertical space in your house? There are several ideas that will help you utilize the vertical space. There are several designs that can make a vertical space appear more appealing. The term “vertical gardening” implies using the vertical spaces in the house for growing plants that yield fruits, flowers or vegetables. This is more impressive since they create an ambience that is great to live in with increased greenery and oxygen. They work to beautify the surrounding as well. There are various ideas that could be used by the individual in order to make the house appear beautiful.

Few Positive Properties of a Vertical Garden:

There are several reasons that account for the popularity of the vertical gardens. These are easier to harvest and also easier to maintain. There are few requirements for the proper growing of the plants for a vertical garden. The requirements can be named as follows:
1.        A sunny wall is required for growing the plants properly.
2.        The walls must be built at a regular height this makes the maintenance easier.
3.        The support system of the plants must be stronger to ensure that they can hold the weight of the plant.
4.        The walls must be capable of withstanding moisture in order to keep the plants appear livelier.

Ideas to Create a Vertical Garden in Your House:

There are several ideas that could be used in order to create a garden of your own that will beautify the space. Following are few ideas that will help an individual to carve out a vertical garden. 

·         Keeping Hanging Pots:

This is considered as the simplest of all vertical gardening that contains few pots placed over the fence in a hanging position. One requires putting a plant in a container full of soil that is aerated and the pot must also have a drainage hole. The next step is to just the pots with the help of clamps in the fence or pallet. 

·         Gutter Vertical Gardens:

This is a creative way of creating verticals with the use of old gutter sections that can be repurposed for creating a garden space that attracts the individual. Ensure that the space of the gutter section is enough to support the roots and they are strong enough to withstand the pressure of growing trees. Draining holes are a must and keeping space between each plant for sufficient distribution of sunlight will help you prepare a beautiful vertical garden. The gutter could be hanged on walls with clamps, or several gutters can be formed into hanging with several layers and each layer must support a different variety of plants. 

·         Use of Trellis:

These are a traditional system that is used in order to make space appear beautiful. This includes planting plants that are popular as vining vegetables. One common climber used in the process of such gardening is tomatoes. There are several strings hanging from a steady height thus providing successful space for the climbers to grow upwards. 

There are several other types of vertical gardens ideas that could be used by the individual to create attractive surroundings like towering gardens, tray herb garden, pallet tree system and bottle garden.

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