Thursday, February 18, 2016


Relocation is always stressful. Add to that the necessity of downsizing, and you know that the road ahead is going to be tough. But sometimes life demands you to adjust, to rethink everything, and accommodate new situations. Maybe you got a job in the Research Triangle Park and need to move in to a one bedroom apartment in Cary, NC? Or maybe you need to save some money and a three bedroom apartment is too expensive an indulgence? But you have to move on!

So, take a deep breath and start thinking how to make the move easy. Here are some guidelines that can help you while shifting to one bedroom apartment.

Sort It Out

Ever walked into a Kohl’s trial room? If you remember, there are three neatly marked areas where you can put your clothes as you decide what you absolutely love and which ones must go back on the rack. Apply the same logic as you sort through your things. But before that, do take a good look at your inventory and make a list. Now sort them out in three categories– must haves, favorites and replaceable. In the ‘must haves’ section, you have all the things that have to be packed for your new home. In the ‘favorites’, you will have things that you love the most, but can be sold off or donated. The third category includes things that can be replaced with something smaller in size. This will give you some direction while packing.   

Let Go

The next step is to part with things that you have been using for years. May be this is the most emotional chapter in your move out story, but you have to accept it. Since you have already sorted out the things, now you have to find the right buyers. Opting for a garage sale is a good idea. However, if arranging one sounds too much of a hassle, look for online yard sale communities. Click nice pictures of the products you want to sell and post them online. You could also use the craigslist for the purpose. Alternatively, you could also donate the stuffs to a charity. However, if you are selling the items, make sure you get the best price for stuffs that are in the best state. You can use this money to cover the move-in cost or to buy something that fits the needs of your newer, smaller apartment. 

Plan It Out

If you are moving in with someone else, don’t forget to consult with your roomie because you will never want to have duplicate things at a one bedroom apartment. There is already a space constraint and if you have two sets of similar furniture or cutleries, living becomes congested. So, supervise your new home before shifting and plan how to combine two households into one. 

Think Space

May be you have a table that can be placed easily at your new home. But have you thought about saving space? You can go for a folding dining table in place of the fixed one. There are thousands of such smart household furniture available in the market. Budget permitting, you can even hire an interior designer to help you with the space issue. However, you can always put on your creative hat and go about decorating your new apartment home. That’s anyway more fun.

Know what? Like most things on this planet, even downsizing has something positive about it; you just have to look at the silver lining. It teaches you that you don’t need so many things to live happily. And that life is so much more than a few odd items that comes inside a packing box. So, stop panicking if you are moving in to aone bedroom apartment in Cary, NC or even a studio in NYC. Start looking at the brighter side and explore ways to live it large!

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