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Friday, February 12, 2016

Which is better...with or without training wheels

The debate of run bike vs training wheels has been ongoing for a while. To me there are pros and cons for both and so I shall not commend on which one is the most effective way to train a kid. In fact, I don’t believe that there is a best option for any parents. It all depends on what are your primary concerns when training your kid to ride a bicycle.

So, in this article, I am going to list out the kind of concerns each type of bike training method can eliminate so that you can make a better choice. I am leaving out effectiveness as I already stated that both ways can help a kid to master bicycle riding.

Balance bike
The purpose of a balance bike is mainly to train a child on his or her balance as well as steering ability. There are no pedals as kids pushed themselves forward to propel the bike. In essence, it is almost like a child running but with a bike between their legs.
Parents who bought this believed the getting the balance correct is the most important thing in learning to ride a bicycle. Once the kid mastered balancing in a safe way, riding a real bike will be easy.

No fear of kids falling and hurting
One of the biggest draw factor for many parents to buy a balance bike is the elimination of the kind of falls and cuts the kids will usually suffer with normal bikes on training wheels. The seat is set low such that the kids can easily prevent themselves from falling so it is uncommon to see them being hurt.

No need to run after kids or hold the bike
Due to the balance bike’s limited ability to go fast (as it is propelled by the kid’s own legs), a parent does not need to be constantly running after them for fear of their safety. This is a real concern for many parents as bikes with training wheels can gain a bit of speed especially on a down slope, resulting in a potential for accidents if the kid loses control. In addition, as balance bikes are easy to balance, parents don’t have to hold the bike while the child is using them. Overall, balance bike place less burden on a parent vs a bike on training wheels.

Bicycle with training wheels
Most of us should be familiar with training wheels as most of us grew up in them. They can definitely help a child to learn how to ride a bike but are they the best options for you? It all depends if any of the following describes your concern or preference.

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