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Friday, March 4, 2016

How to Use Accessories to Design the Interior of Your Room

For study, I have to live in Bangalore for some years and obviously, in a house for rent in Bangalore. But, I always thought how to decorate my own home when I’ll be able to buy it. Last year my dream came true and with the help of my interior decorator, I have made my home interesting to live in. Your home is the place where you spend time along with your dear ones; this is the place where you dwell with love, comfort and peace. Therefore, the interior decoration should be accordingly.

Accessorize Your House

If you’re living in a flat for rent in Hyderabad or Buy residential flats in gurgaon any other cities and dreaming of buying your own house, these interior d├ęcor ideas will help you for sure. If you consult any interior designer, they will advise you to use accessories to decorate your room. Now, the cost of a house is not small; is it possible for you to buy expensive accessories right now? Here I’m sharing some tips to decorate your room without spending much-
  1. Go through Your Collections- While you were living in a rental house, all your possessions might not be opened at all. Check out what you have. Do you have a vintage photo frame or designer stool? Use those cleverly and save money from buying new ones.
  2. Go according to Your Room Style- This is very important before choosing any accessories. Decorating a large room is not that much difficult as it is in case of a small room. More than few objects can make your room look clumsy.
    So, if it is your bedroom-
    • Buy a bed of small size.
    • Mount your television on the wall.
    • Don’t use floor sweeping curtains.
    • Utilize the corner walls of your room for sleek bookshelves.
    • The lighting arrangement should be bright.
    • For sitting arrangements, you can buy colorful bean bags which are easy to carry.
  3. Buy Lanterns-These cute objects are in fashion now. You can buy candle lanterns or paper lanterns as those are wonderful source of lights. You can install those at corners of your drawing room and surprise your guests.
  4. Grouping to Add Weight- Maybe you have small accessories which don’t have visual weight. Grouping can add weight to your room and you can use your existing objects without spending money on buying new ones.

    For grouping-
    • Arrange the objects in asymmetrical way. Grouping in odd numbers add value to your room design.
    • There should be something in common. I’ve bought cushions for my sofa of same color cover but different design.
    • To make your room more interesting, group the objects in different height. Instead of putting photo frames side by side, just scatter those on the particular wall.
  5. Mirrors’ Magic- Trust me; you’ll love your room more when people will adore it. Mirrors are not only for seeing reflection, but today these are inseparable part of modern house decoration. To make your room bigger and stylish, mount decorative wall mirrors in your home.

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