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Monday, March 28, 2016

Tips to Keep your House Clutter-free

I just can’t stand so much of untidiness in this home anymore. Our new home is going to be different.

This was my mom blabbering in the morning today while doing the regular dusting. We had bought this home five years back and now as my brother and I have grown up, this home has become smaller for us! Most of the times we shop frantically. Buying decor items, clothes, kitchen cutleries, and what not! We have everything more than enough. But it’s not only us with a home full of unnecessary items. I’m sure you all must be dealing with clutter on a regular basis as well. So, here I am, with a few tips to make your abode clutter-free. I thought of all these today morning and I hope I can follow these steps myself and let our new home breathe! 

Einstein had said, “Out of clutter find simplicity”. And it’s time to follow him by doing our bit to keep our homes simple and free from the mess. 

·         No More Recreational Shopping: Finally, I have decided to stay out of the malls unless I really, really need something! Liked something at the decor shop? No need to buy it until and unless you have a lot of empty space at home. Got many cutlery sets on your marriage as gifts? Great! Don’t buy any more of them now. You need to promise this to yourself if you want to make your home look clean and tidy!

·         Keeping Things in the Right Place: I am no more keeping the laptop on my bed and dresses on the sofa set! I have promised myself to put everything back to their right place at the end of the day, no matter how tired I am! Procrastination can never be the key to having a clutter-free abode! Trust me!

·         No More Emotional Attachment with Gifts: Love that heart-shaped cushion because your third ex-boyfriend/girlfriend had gifted it to you? Can’t throw away that t-shirt which your grandma had gifted you when you were in college because you had a special bond with her and she is no more? Just take a picture of the same and donate them! I have decided to do the same. Pictures are a great way of keeping the memories alive, remember?

·         Getting a Hard Drive, Today: Last year’s telephone bills and the important receipts, letters, etc., can look good after being scanned and stored on a hard drive! It’s time to finally accept the technology. Just buy a hard drive, scan all those important documents and keep them safe in the drive forever! It’s indeed much better than those piles of papers under the table! I have started doing this from today itself. 

To start off, following the above mentioned four tips are enough! Follow them and see how good they work for your home sweet home! When my parents were looking for a new home, they got hold of this beautiful lakeside property for sale. Being in the hustle-bustle of the city life in Kolkata for so many years now, we were yearning for some place for solace and finally, we got hold of it! We are moving there in the coming month and I have promised myself to take care of our new home as much as I can. And keeping it clutter-free will just be my first step towards it!

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