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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Basement Construction: Important Things to Know

The construction of a basement needs a lot of planning and a thorough understanding of the procedure. It’s one of the most tedious jobs in the construction business. Therefore, consulting a professional company and appointing it for the process would be advisable. Always remember that a lack of research on your part can lead to tragic consequences. 

A basement can be turned into a garage or a make-shift office. Whatever it may be, proper planning is vital. A basement is the foundation of a home and one single mistake can lead to bigger problems which I’m sure nobody would want. Hence, considering the following important points while constructing the basement may prove to be beneficial. Read below.

·         The basement floors should be even: The proper flooring of the basement is important and should be kept in mind from the beginning. The drainage setup and the initial steep flooring are the reasons for uneven basement flooring. It’s crucial to even the floor by laying a wooden floor on top of it. Leave no stones unturned to achieve levelling the floor. If not wood, you can also level the floor by overlaying the concrete. Never forget to include floor drainage to prevent flooding of the basement.

·         Waterproofing is a must: Waterproofing is the most significant part of basement construction. If you’re building a new home never forget to waterproof the basement. And in the case of renovating the basement include waterproofing if it wasn’t done before. Concrete is needed on the basement floor which is a part of the levelling course. After the concrete is poured on the floor, apply bitumen-based primer and cover the layer with bricks. Make sure that the walls are also waterproofed with the help of self-adhesive bitumen primer.

·         Cooling and heating are needed: From rooms, bathrooms to basements, ventilation is significant. After all, you will be utilising the basement for living or official purposes. Never compromise on the ventilation while constructing the basement. So, cooling and heating are imperative. Air ducts, exhaust fans and ventilators are needed for cooling and heating of the basement.

The basement needs a lot of attention as it’s the foundation of a home. All the minute details have to be kept in mind before going ahead and constructing one. We all want to make use of the basement for several reasons. For instance, basements give your house a higher floor ratio which will indirectly increase the value of your house. Moreover, it gives you an extra space to keep your belongings in or to cool yourself during summers as it is under the ground and cooler than the other rooms. Sometimes, people use their basement for commercial purposes as well. What’s your way of making use of the basement? Irrespective of your utilisation, a well-constructed basement will serve you in some way or the other. So, never miss out on a single detailing. Consult with the professionals and work on the basement construction in London.

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