Wings of Mobility to the Human Race - Everest Haber


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wings of Mobility to the Human Race

Earlier the movement was only possible with the help of our own two legs. We humans can only cover a specific area; hence the mobility is limited and confined. With the passage of time, an object called wheel was discovered which made life much easier than ever before. The wheels are round in shape and are made up of different sizes.

Some are big bulky wheels used in trucks, while on the other hand we even have Caster wheels. These caster wheels are placed at the bottom of furniture to provide it with mobility. While shopping in malls we have often come across shopping carts which contain caster wheels. Furniture caster wheels are present in the office chairs which provide them with the mobility, making the task much more easier as it is exhausting for a person move his/her chair again and again all by himself.

The friction produced by caster wheels is very less, thus making the extremely heavy items move fairly without any problem. There is a small bearing inside the caster wheel which helps it move in any direction, as well as makes its rotation possible. While on the other hand, there are rigid casters whose movement are totally fixed and would move in only one single direction. Heavy furniture can now easily be moved with the attachment of casters. With the presence of casters, now the job of moving things from one place to another is much easier.

Casters are not at all complicated and provide a lot of help with minimum work done. They can carry a lot of weight without breaking, turning them so special.  When compared with a regular wheel, caster wheels are no doubt better. Rubber and steel caster wheels are also available in the market which can easily bear high temperature.

One can find them in all shapes, sizes, colour, material etc. These wheels are small and can be used to move any furniture, be it a chair or a table. With the growth in science, the caster wheels have brought a new revolution in the lives of humans. One cannot even imagine life without the presence of a wheel as it has provided us with the wings of motion.

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