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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

7 different techniques to update your kitchen

Kitchens are rightly called the centre of a well connected home. The ever-important cookhouse is not just the place where some serious cooking happens; it is also quite rightly the destination where you can entertain your family and guests.  An impressive kitchen never ceases to impress the guests.

Do you feel your kitchen needs a makeover? There are myriads ways to give the area an update, so your kitchen looks as swanky and well taken care of as the other rooms at your house.

Let’s roll through 7 interesting techniques to update your kitchen:

1. Make it gorgeous with granite

Cheap granite worktops and countertops can make or break a kitchen’s look. It’s really easy to rev up the style of your kitchen with kitchen granite worktops that add a dash of glamour to the workspace. Granites are available in different colours and textures to suit your taste.

The advantages of using granite worktops for kitchen are plenty. Here are some pros:

2. Titillate with tiles
Tiles can add real personality to your kitchen as they are available in myriad patterns and designs. Try tiles with abstract patterns as they are the current trend that is ruling the roost.

3. Add a rustic touch
If a laidback dining experience is what you are aiming for, then country furniture is the best bet to give a refreshed look to your kitchen. Try mixing rustic chairs in pastel colours to give an elegant feel to the space.

4. Model with modular furniture
Modular furniture has become a trend of late. Not only does it allow for an eclectic look, it is also an easy way to update the kitchen without any fuss. All you need to do is buy a piece of furniture of your liking and install it for a revamped look and better utility.

5. Make a statement with lights
Lights can make a ton of difference to the look of your kitchen. Statement lighting in different metals is a brave way to add some drama to the area. Go for architectural style lighting for a defined look.

6. Pretty up the pantry
The utilitarian pantry is making a comeback. Go for larger cupboards, utility rooms and walk in pantries to give your kitchen a drastic makeover.

7. Darkness abound
Dark cabinetry coupled with light floors makes for an awesome contrast that is bound to give instant drama to your kitchen. Those looking to experiment with some bold drama can experiment with dark colours like emerald green, sapphire blue for the walls as well.

Well, those were our 7 interesting technique to upgrade your kitchen according to the latest trends! Let’s wish that each one of our kitchens is luxurious and trendy enough to match the rest of our homes.
  • They are cheaper than marble
  • They are also very easy to clean.
  • They offer a natural and luminous look yet at a much lower price.

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