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Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Beginners Guide To Bi-Folding Doors

Need to install a new door within your home? Want to know more about bi-fold doors? When installed, bi-fold doors can really open up your home and provide a stunning appearance when used. If you want to know more about bi folding patio doors, the following is a guide on these types of doors to give you more information before making a final decision.

Bi Folding Door Guide For Beginners

Bi folding patio doors are great for offering many features that other doors can’t. One of the biggest advantages with these doors is they can provide optimal space enhancement for easy entertaining. Bi-folds can create a seamless transition between the outside and the inside of the house.

Bi folding doors also have the ability to offer many configurations allowing for optimal flexibility on how they can open. For smaller openings you can purchase two to 3 pane bi-folds, for larger areas larger pane doors are available. It’s important to remember though that smaller bi-folding doors won’t give the clearance when open like larger bifolding doors can.

Bi-folds are great when you want an access door out to your patio or outdoor area. Swinging access leaf openings are generally featured on the one side with the rest of the bi-fold opening on the other size. This allows you to swing open one door without having to completely open the large set of bi-folds. This is ideal if you only have to take the rubbish out.

When fitted and designed correctly, bi-folds can offer the best of all world and won’t cause any structural complications or clutter when used. They can help to open up two smaller areas with ease, allowing for enhanced overall space. This allows for increased light exposure and warmth which is perfect for keeping the electric bills down throughout the cooler months of the year.

Bi folding patio doors are aesthetically appealing, meaning they are capable of providing a complimentary look within any home. They can be designed and purchased to match your existing home with ease which is perfect when you want them to match perfectly. Not only do they look good but they also promote additional value to your home which is perfect if you’re looking to sell it at a later date.


Bi folding patio doors when installed by a professional supplier, can transform your home into a warm and inviting place. Bi-folds are suitable for all areas of the home but are most beneficial for exterior wall areas where you’re looking to walk outdoors or open two spaces to create one large space. Remember when purchasing bi folding patio doors always check with the supplier to make sure they specialise in the design of these doors. If you need more information don’t be afraid to as any questions you may have about the doors and how they will fit within your home. So are you installing a bi-folding door within your home? What made you choose bi-folds over other door types? 

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