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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

An insight to sisal rugs

The ongoing trend is environment driven and people are resorting to sustainable sources of energy to avoid global crisis. The scenario also demands for ecofriendly options that are easy on environment and healthy to use. Meeting the demands of the era, companies have come up with floor decorchoices that are natural, biodegradable and versatile. One landmark innovation in this field is the advent of sisal rugs that are not only economical but also convivial to surroundings. 

Sisal is derived from leaves of sisal plant. Scientifically known as Agave sisalana, it is a widely known species of Agave that was primarily grown in southern Mexico and now cultivated in many other countries. Traditionally, the fibres extracted from sisal plant were used for rope weaving, twine creation, hat making, dartboards and much more. Its unmatched stretch and ability to stretch has been exploited to carve out exquisite designs of rugs out of the evergreen plant. The advent of synthetic fibres has brought limited or no negative impact to its popularity amongst people. Advancement in technology supplemented the industry by developing haymaking techniques while new higher valued sisal products have been devised. 

Floorspace sisal rugs are a great decor option if you wish to keep watch on your pocket and support the go green trend. Sisal fibres have been exclusively used by floor decoration industries to make affordable and uniquely beautiful rugs that are bound to remodel your beloved room in extraordinary manner. 

Unlike wool, rugs made of sisal has inbuilt anti static qualities. Furthermore, it is fire resistant, durable which fashionsit into a versatile choice for any room and is a high-five choice for areas that attract heavy traffic on a regular basis. 

Interestingly, sisal can be dyed. The attribute can be exploited to obtain rugs of distinctive colours ranging from burgundy, sand to pine green among others. Its sound absorbing peculiarities make it a pretty good option for various areas of home, like staircases, floors, lobbies, bedrooms, living room, an office or a halfway. If you are admirer of Egyptian bulrush rugs, then you can bring alive the memories with rugs carved of sisal as attractive floor coverings.

Let’s have a sneak peek into the advantages of Floorspace sisal rugs that gives it upper hand over ordinary syntheticrugs:

As discussed before, Sisal fibres comes from cactus plant agave, which implies is has a natural build that rings out to be of benefit in winter months when static builds up in carpet and rugs. It looks great even after continuous usage of years and is non compressible. It doesn’t not show as many wear patterns as wall to wall carpeting normally does. It looks fresh which saves money that could have otherwise been spent on purchasing synthetic material that wears away more often and quickly.

Owing to its anti resistant attributes, sisal rugs prove to be smart choice for indoor as well as outdoor usage along withanydesign that is mandatory.

Well, how could you really tell if it’s actually a sisal rug one is stepping on? Unlike synthetic rugs, sisal rugs have a smoother surface that will swiftly relish your experience of walking over sisal rug. Furthermore, its stylish and classy appearance fashions it to a tasteful interior decoration prerogative.

So no more sacrificing practicality to enjoy beauty of your abode. Choose from the elegant vast selection to add special glamour with Floorspace sisal rugs, the best among all!

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