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Friday, May 20, 2016

Cannon gun safes made in USA present their top 5 for your complete solution in gun security

You recently bought a vintage rifle, after owning it , you are getting more inspired to add more of that kind in your brilliant collection. Firearms old or new should be handled very carefully and keeping them secured in a good gun safe is how you should plan their storage. As a collector it is a known fact for you but, for others it is extremely important to store them properly in a gun safe. 

Cannon gun safes made in USA considered the leaders in this business, why?

The brand Cannon has been in this business of manufacturing gun safes for firearms for more than 45 years. Top experts from the industry are hired in their company for designing and crafting the gun safes to almost perfection. Their exquisite collection of gun safes can be catered to every customers according to their budget. Their uniqueness lies in the following properties they possess. They are:

         If any damage happens to the product owing to any burglary or natural disaster, they have the lifetime replacement policy for every part and the entire product without any costs extra.
         Many firearms can be stored together due to their spacious designs.
         You can adjust the shelves and adjust the other aspects of the interiors of the gun safe.
         Power supply and media outlet present inside the gun safe.
         For utmost protection from theft, it is equipped with triple layer hard plating, patented true locks, bigger bolts and Anti-pry tabs.
         It passes through high fire resistant test to prove its ability to stay secured from fire.

Apart from this everyday this brand is working towards its goal of improving more and more in its techniques.

Before owning a Cannon gun safes made in USA, what criteria to look for?
While selecting the apt the Cannon gun safe, you would want to purchase for storing and securing your firearms, you should always look for the following criteria:

         Decide on the place where you would like to place the gun safe, measure the area properly and order the gun safe of that size.
         A gun safe which is heavy, will give a lot of pain to someone who wants to run away with it. Hence, opt for gun safes which have more weight.
         Choose the gun safe which has ample space, for storing more firearms.
         Check the level of fire resistance level of the product and then decide as what you want.
         Manual locking, electronic combination locking or both, choose your locking preference.

5 best models for Cannon gun safes made in USA.

From the popularity and usability perspective, here are five models for you to choose:

1. Cannon S21 Scout series
         This model is very affordably priced, but it is very good option.
2. Cannon P22 Patriot series
         Very high rates model and very much popular with buyers.
3. Cannon CO43 Commander series
         This has a very large capacity of storing guns.
4. Cannon CA604830 cannon 1965 series
         It can provide higher level of fire resistance.
5. Cannon A100 Armory series
         This has the highest capacity of holding firearms, over 80 can be stored.

Concluding as why it is almost mandatory to own a Cannon gun safes made in USA.

Purchasing a Cannon gun safe is somewhat mandatory, because it is always advisable to store your valuable weapons in a secured place. If the firearms are kept open, they can lead to any accidents involving children, it can get damaged due to any natural disaster or theft can also happen. Hence, order a model from Cannon gun safes now.

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