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Monday, May 2, 2016

Top 5 Warehouse and Distribution Centers in Toronto

Major companies of all industries typically carry products (small and large) that the provide for their customers. With this in mind, many businesses (especially those who are franchises) utilize a warehouse and distribution center for a variety of reasons. In addition to keeping a pretty well-stocked inventory on premise, they also keep an inventory elsewhere. These centers are also the “middle man” when companies have to ship their products to different cities/states (depending on the situation).
In Toronto, there are 5 amazing options that you as a business can use at your discretion to best suffice for your needs.

1. Reliable Transportation Link (RTL)

RTL has provided excellent transportation services for the businesses in Toronto for over 10 years. Within this time frame, the company’s core values have helped them become a dependable partner and highly successful. Their goals are to always be a transportation company of trust, integrity, and reliability. In addition to the latter, they also develop long-term relationships that many customers rely on to this day. With their stance on always being innovative, this not only makes their service top notch, but it also helps with keeping their prices at competitive rates.

2. Global Distribution & Warehousing

Global Distribution & Warehousing is a privately owned and operated business that has been in existence for more than 30 years! The distribution center is located in Mississauga, Ontario and serves the Toronto area. Being a progressive organization they are a GFSI (The Global Food Safety Initiative) compliant company and BRC (The British Retail Council) certified.

3.  Dominion Warehousing & Distribution       

One thing that you should look for when it comes to a distribution center is their amount of experience. For 25 years, Dominion has offered and provided many customers with outstanding services. What helps them stand out is their ability to work with a variety of industries such as:

Paints and Sealants
Food and Beverage
Specialty Chemical
Appliances and Electronics

Although Dominion services Canadian markets, they have also served North American major brands as well. With this diverse portfolio, it is clear to see that Dominion is a leading warehouse & distribution company with a trustworthy resume and great integrity.

4. Brennan

Founded in 1953, Brennan has served the local community of Toronto greatly. As a privately held company, they uphold their principals to extremely high levels. Brennan has consistently upheld high standards and customer driven that help both parties meet their routine goals. With multiple locations, it is a nice benefit to have the option of choosing which location is close to you.

Polimex Forwarding is more than just your normal distribution center in Toronto; they provide sea and air freight services as well. Customers have trusted the company with the multitude of services including; Cross Docking, Inventory Control, Freight Blocking & Bracing, Sufferance Bonded Warehouse, Crate Design & Building, and more.

Overall as a business in Toronto when you are in the market for a warehousing and distribution, you have a plethora of excellent options to choose from. These five companies all have extensive, polished, and reputable portfolios that you can depend on upon without hesitation.

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