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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Battle between Live Lawn vs. Synthetic Grass

These days, new types and brands of artificial grass exist now in the market. That is why it is essential to make an educated decision whether you need to switch to artificial ones or just maintain your natural grass.
What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass composes of filaments, which was threaded right into the backing allowing water to pass through. When you say backing, it is laid on the drainage layer, which is basically fastened and compacted within the perimeter.  It is filled with sand or recycled crumb rubber in order to keep in its place.

Why choose synthetic grass?

Maintenance Task

As mentioned earlier, synthetic grasses requires a very low maintenance task as compared to real grasses.

If the temperature is extremely high, there is a need for you to double up your efforts to water the entire area. This means that you probably need to purchase necessary equipment that will water your grassland. That would of course entail a significant amount of money. Also, you will have to hire workers to do the job at hand. And because the hot climate is constant, you will be required to hire maintenance workers most of the time. When the maintenance workers are using machineries, the job might become faster but you would spend more for their fuel consumption.

When the environment’s temperature is high, the fuel in a machine’s engine evaporates even if the lawnmower for example is not in use. As a result, you may have to fill the fuel tank frequently. You can reduce or prevent these circumstances through cheap fake grass in Sydney. There is no need for you to hire lots of workers to maintain the green landscape. In fact, you yourself can do the maintenance in you spare time. There is also no need for the land owner to buy costly equipment to water the grass. Furthermore, big expenses for fuel consumption will be lessened. All of these simply mean that there will be more money to be saved.
Resistance to extremely hot temperature

There may be grass hybrids that have the capability to adapt with hot or cold climate temperature such as. Unlike lawn turf for shady areas, when there is constant intense heat in the environment and the inadequacy of water supply in the soil, natural grass will eventually turn brown and die. As a matter of fact, the burning of grasses due to extreme heat is one of the most common causes of wild fires. However, when a land area is plotted using artificial grass this threat is prevented. Most synthetic grasses are smartly designed to stand extremely hot temperature. When you compare it with the real grass’ resistance to heat, you will prove the big difference. Artificial grasses are way durable than the real grass. Because of this feature, you will not only obtain a long-lasting lawn but also save the environment from the threat of wild fire. 


Synthetic grass installation costs are way higher than traditional turf. You need to dug up your old yard, place and level one layer of sand, install one layer of rubber pellets and finally lay the artificial glass on its top. In terms of cost, it is significant for you to be aware that live lawns needs ongoing maintenance expenses for aerating, mowing, maintenance and irrigation while synthetic turf doesn’t incur any ongoing cost for maintenance for about 15 to 20 years. Therefore, although artificial grass is more expensive initially, this will let you save more for so many years.

If you are planning of creating a green landscape in some areas in Sydney, it is now possible. Synthetic grass can be your viable option. With artificial grass, you will not compromise your finances, efforts, and even the natural grasses themselves. Start using a synthetic grass today and discover how it became so popular in many other regions all around the world. 

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