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Monday, July 4, 2016

Ceiling Fans: Things You Should Know

Ceiling fans are helpful in saving energy and can make your home look more beautiful by acting as an accessory. The article talks about how one should take care of their ceiling fan if they already have one, how you must fix what usually goes wrong and what must be kept in mind if one is thinking on purchasing one.


First, we’ll talk about the uses of ceiling fans.

You must have heard of the term “wind chill” during winters “I’ve caught the wind chill” It means that when the breeze is blowing through the body, the amplified evaporation of dampness from your skin makes one feel colder than the real temperature in the atmosphere.

So, the phenomenon, this wind chill effect, also works with the ceiling fans. When a ceiling fan moves air into an area of a particular house, it helps the moisture in the skin to evaporate faster, and as a consequence, you feel colder, than what the temperature really is, despite the fact that the temperature of the room has not changed.

Apart from providing cooling and conserving energy, people also use fans to decorate their houses. Many quirky fans are available these days than can put life into a dull room.

Maintaining of Fans

As we all very well know, all machines that are bought need maintenance. So do ceiling fans. Fortunately enough, fans don’t need as much maintenance as other machines. Following tasks done once a year would really help:
  • Changing the direction of the fan
  • Inspection
  • Cleaning and Maintaining
  • Lubrication

Not much usually goes wrong with fans, because of its simplicity. But there are just a few things that should be kept in mind.

First, is WOBBLING, what this means is that sometimes your fans could start to become a bit shaky while it’s moving. Luckily, it’s very easy to fix this problem using something called a balancing kit.

Second problem that could be faced is that of fans. You must have experienced this as this is fairly common to have one noisy fan in the house. This problem is also easy to solve. In most cases, you just


The main thing to keep in mind while planning to buy a ceiling fan is that you should get what you had paid for. You may feel that a less costly model is nice, but you’ll be running the various risks of facing inconveniences later like wobbling, noisy fans or the fans having a short-life.

Some factors that should be kept in mind while buying are blades, controls, size, motor and price.
While there are many places you can buy your fan from, choosing the right place is also very important. You can get one from local shops or buy ceiling fan online as well. To make things easier for yourself, you should jot down some points (features) that you need to have in a fan and shortlist the models that come close to your list.

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