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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Best Water-Saving Measures by Thames Water

The best part about reducing your water bill is that you don’t have to take drastic measures to save some money on your water costs. All you have to do is to consistently and religiously follow few of the simplest ways to save water and you’ll be able to add a good chunk of money in your pocket.

Even though, there are a lot of ways available to save money on your water bill, still many of the people aren’t aware of these tips and hence get few good hundred pounds added every year in their bills. Thames Water completely understands the impact these water-saving tips can have on your pocket as well as on environment and hence it’s always of its counterparts to share the water-conserving tips and freebies to help you reduce water wastage in your home.
  • You can always initiate your water-saving measures by getting a water meter installed in your home by simply calling their dedicated team on Thames Water Contact Number. It’s been considered as the most effective way for cutting costs on water bills for households.
  • If you’re already using a water meter and have higher water usage due to medical conditions or larger family and are also receiving low-income benefits, you can go ahead to apply for the WaterSure scheme with the help of the experts at Thames water Contact Number. This scheme will significantly help you to limit the amount you’re being charged for your water bill every year.
  • The next step should consist of a close inspection of all your home appliances to find out any leaks or drips. The toilets, faucets and dishwashers are the main culprits that can quickly pile up your water usage. You can also convert your current toilets into low-flow toilets or can rather add some weight in the toilet tanks for lower water flow. (You can get to know about this technique by contacting the trained agents at Thames water Contact Number.
There is always something more on the personal front as well as from your company’s end, which can be discovered upon while you’re taking care of your water bills. The trained and dedicated experts at Thames Water Contact Number will take care of all your concerns and queries and you can also discuss about, on how to get some water-saving freebies with them.

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