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Friday, July 15, 2016

Wooden Flooring - Myths and Facts

Orange is the new black, vintage is the new uber cool. The trends of human society are so fickle. It took us thousands of years to evolve from earthen to wooden floors, from wooden to stone floors, from stone to cement, and eventually to Marble floors. And since the things were going on well from there on, the uniqueness of thought of our “innovators” had to come into play.

Kaboom! We’re back to wooden floors.

But you only have to look at modern flooring products to realize that the reverse evolution was quite surprisingly worth it. They look urbane and classy, not to mention soothingly authentic. But even the best things have an air of stereotypes about them, and we’re just talking hardwoods here. So, brace yourselves, for you’ve met your myth buster. Let’s acknowledge six facts about wooden flooring product everyone thinks are true.

Hardwood floors are Expensive.

So are your dear-to-life ‘Apple’ products. You buy them anyway, why? Two words: longevity and quality. And that, my dear ignorant folks, is also the reason to shun the belief that wooden flooring burns a hole in your pocket. They might initially cost you a bit more, but they last longer and the quality is absolutely impeccable. You probably need no other reason now consider it an amazing investment. Also, we didn't ask you to go straightaway for the premium hardwood. So, suit yourself and your pocket because money spent is directly proportional to the quality of hardwood.

Wood floors are hard to maintain.

Yet another myth about wooden floor products is the nerve wrecking maintenance you sign up for when you buy the wood. We’re here to show you the light of truth and lead you out from this abyss of darkness. When it comes to such floors, maintenance actually becomes easier. ‘Spray-dry mop-repeat’, with the occasional sanding, will give you an everlasting finish and luster. People might tell you, “Water will ruin such floors”. Is it that hard not to drench your floor every day for probably the same reason that you don't take fire baths?

Wood floors are fragile.

Another of the reasons people give not to invest in wooden floors is the belief, pardon, is the absolutely blasphemous belief that hardwood floors can't stand up to wear and tear and need to be tread upon with the delicacy of a feather. Well, the durability is entirely dependent on the quality of wood, so if you’re using even decent, not even the extravagant species, you are going to have your floors unfazed for a long period of time, courtesy of regular finishing.

Environment Alert!

All of a sudden the environmentalists have started to appear to take a stand against wooden floor products. And the consumers are jeopardizing their possessions of amazing floor work by falling in with their cause. Sorry to you soi-distant nature-lovers, you’re as wrong as someone who thinks Jon Snow knows everything. Wood flooring is an amazing initiative in protecting the environment because wood can be harvested with no trouble as trees are a renewable natural resource, a fact our environmentalists tend to ignore may become their prejudice against mankind's cool trends.

Not good enough on the move?

People with nomadic tendencies think that wooden floors and wooden flooring products are bad options considering the fact that they’ll move after some time and the installation will be thus rendered worthless. Beep! Red Light! Wrong! According to seasoned realtors, wooden floored houses attract buyers quickly and also fetch great prices. So yeah, wooden floors are not making you throw your wealth into a bottomless pit.

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