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Monday, August 22, 2016

A Guide To Carpet Repair And the different types of carpet that you can use everyday

There is no doubt that if you want to make your home or work place look all the more beautiful, carpets is a very sensible option. However, the problem here is that carpet repair is something that you have to pay attention to. In particular, if you have wood floors and want to make your room look appealing and warm but they are pretty durable, and environment friendly too. These carpets protect your wood floors and hence it is suggested to have them carpeted.

Take professional help for carpet repair

Finding someone to do your carpet repair is not really that tough. It can be either done yourself or you can hire a professional for doing. The problem is that if there is tear or damage to your expensive rug or carpet you can get hold of a rug expert to fix this up. They may take your carpet for repair or actually do the fixing in your home too.
  • Hiring professional help is also essential if you want a complete assessment of your carpet repair. There are a lot of cases when individuals might want to repair this damage but then the damage is so extensive that professional help is needed.
  • But in many cases a professional might also suggest you to change the carpet all together if it is not in a repairable condition. Getting an opinion is vital in these cases because if you are not sure about the durability or life span of the carpet then it makes sense to actually replace the same.
  • The tattered ends of the carpets and threadbare conditions are some of the instances when you actually need a carpet repair. But the professionals must have the same colored yarn or wool or thread as that of your existing carpet, to make the carpet repiring task complete. Without the matching yarns or threads, the carpet cannot be fully repaired.
Here’s a DIY guide if you plan on doing the carpet repair yourself

For this you have to first take out the old carpet first. Then you need to examine the kind of damage that is there. If there is a stain mark or a similar kind of stain then you can consider using a stain remover and then leaving the same for a while. Post this, you could wash the carpet at home or even take it a professional dry cleaner.
  • In case you have a tear or hole in the carpet, then you can actually do quite a few creative things here. First of all, measure the approximate area that needs to be replaced.
  • If you have spare pieces with you, then cut these out in the same shape. If you don’t then you can get a similar looking material. Take some industrial glue and place the cut piece over the damaged one for carpet repair. You can also remove the older worn out piece first.
  • Another alternative here would be turning over the carpet or hiding the damage under some piece of furniture.

How to look for professional carpet repair experts?

  • The best way to go about it would be contact the store from where you purchased the carpet in the first place. In some cases, if you are still under warranty then the repair would be done for free.
  • You can also ask your neighbors or friends about references for such repair experts. In many cases, hiring someone from outside might work out to be cheaper for you.
Make sure that your carpet repair expert knows what he/ she is doing, instead of just trying to earn some extra cash. An honest opinion in such cases is more valuable than just fixing the damage.

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