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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How To Choose The Best Swimming Pool Design For Your Home

There are a number of important considerations that all homeowners must make when adding major water features to their abodes. Foremost among these is the amount of money they want to spend. Following are a few key factors to consider as you shop for the perfect swimming pool design for your residential property.

Your Current Landscaping

You may have an immaculately landscaped yard already. If you have spent a large amount of money to create a look and a level of usability for your backyard that you love, you will want to choose a swimming pool design that has a very minimal impact on the existing layout. Doing so will help you retain many of the features that you have already incorporated while keeping the space sufficiently flexible and usable for meeting a broad range of needs.

Determining Whether Your Swimming Pool Design Will Be Your Major Landscaping Feature

A large swimming pool design won't leave you with much room for engaging in other forms of outdoor entertaining. You might want to enhance your outside area with a functional kitchen, an attractive patio or even a comprehensive garden. Before you start allocating space for any water feature, make sure to set aside enough usable land for any other activities that you might want to engage in. This is essential for ensuring that you don't come to regret your selection over time.

Overcoming Underground Obstructions

There are a number of underground obstructions that people are likely to encounter when building in-ground pools. Some of these include:
  • Water supply lines going into the home
  • Sewer lines coming out of the building structure
  • Gas lines
  • Invasive tree roots and weeds
It is important that both you and your installer know where all of these things are most likely to be encountered. This way, you can save money on your installation by choosing a pool shape, size and depth that will cause the least amount of problems. When obstructions are numerous, it may even be best to opt for an above-ground style. This can cut costs while simplifying and streamlining the overall construction process.

Protecting The Value Of Your Property For Future Sales

Another important factor to consider is how marketable your home will be when this project is complete. The costs of ongoing maintenance could make your abode less appealing to prospective buyers. Given how flexible and adaptable above-ground installations are, these tend to be best for homeowners who intend to sell within the next few years. If buyers don't like these features, they can be easily taken right back out. Check out the swimming pools designed by us:

The Safety Of Building Occupants

The perfect swimming pool design for your property will also account for the safety of building occupants. This is an especially important factor to consider if you happen to have young children living with you. An in-ground design can be easily accessed by young toddlers, while above-ground structures are a bit more challenging to climb into. These options can also feature snug-fitting covers for enhanced safety. Best of all, when pools are elevated, it may be unnecessary to pay the additional costs of installing a safety fence around the perimeter. This will leave more cash available for including high-end features like diving boards or for investing in other home improvement plans.

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