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Monday, August 29, 2016

Top Reasons To Replace Your Carpeting With A Hardwood Floor

Carpeted flooring can be quite lovely. Surprisingly, however, it can also be dangerous, particularly in households with residents who have chronic, respiratory issues such as allergies, asthma or COPD. Opting to invest in a hardwood floor is a far more preferable choice in these environments. Flooring options like these can lead to far higher indoor air qualities. Moreover, they also entail far less maintenance overall.

How Having A Hardwood Floor Can Improve The Quality Of Your Indoor Air

With carpeting, the likelihood of your having a tremendous amount of airborne particulates is always high. The level of toxins being circulated throughout your indoor air will be extremely high, however, if you happen to live in a dusty region, have pets, have a history of moisture issues or live near construction. Carpet fibres can trap a lot of dirt, dust and debris. You also have to consider the fact that:

·         Each time these floors are disturbed, new particulates will be released
·         Pet dander and pet hair are rarely eliminated by vacuuming
·         All carpets have an underlying padding that is known to trap a tremendous amount of dust, dirt and other allergens

With a hardwood floor, cleaning up dirt that has settled in the home will be easy. More often than not, you will only need a broom and a dust pan. To really get these surfaces clean, you can also use a lightly moistened sponge mop. To see our collection of hardwood timber floor, please visit:

Get Rid Of Unpleasant Odors With A Hardwood Floor

Unlike carpeting, a these flooring solutions will not trap foul odors. If you have a pet, your carpeting will invariably smell like your pet. When your home becomes humid or damp, your carpet can begin to emit and strong and pervasive odor. Surfaces like these can actually trap moisture and can develop problems with mold and mildew as a result. While hardwood floors can certainly warp over time, this is only the case when they are exposed to excessive amounts of water and are left untreated.

A Hardwood Floor Is Less Likely To Stain

Floors like these aren't as likely to stain as carpeting either. Carpet padding can harbor stains for many years. Thus, although you might have your carpets shampooed to a state of perfection, stubborn stains are likely to bleed back up through the padding over time. Not only is it far more difficult to actually stain wood flooring, but when serious aesthetic damages occur, it is often possible to simply have one or more boards changed out for a continuously fresh look.

Get A Seamless and Sophisticated Look For Your Abode

When it comes to creating and maintaining an attractive home interior, a hardwood floor should be your very first flooring choice. These surfaces have a very traditional and sophisticated look and they are also built to last. As such, the flooring that you install today can look just as good and on trend when you get ready to sell your property as it did when you first installed it. More importantly, prospective buyers are virtually guaranteed to love this look, whereas an appreciating for the appearance of carpeting can vary greatly from one potential investor to the next. Due to this fact, this flooring type can actually increase the overall marketability of your home.

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