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Friday, September 23, 2016

Best Ways to Hurricane Proof Your Home

It seems like hurricanes are happening more often over the past few years. If you watch the news they’re everywhere and according to expert sources Fort Myers is in danger of being hit more frequently than other Florida regions. Given what predictions say about hurricanes in the region it might be time to get prepared for hurricanes and avoid costly and dangerous damages. Imagine broken glass flying through your living room at more than 125 miles per hour or the potential property loss if your front door is shattered. The real question is how I can Hurricane Proof Windows And Doors Fort Myers Florida?

What smart residents know is that hurricane proofing windows and doors not only gives you peace of mind, it can also reduce insurance costs. But what are the best and most cost effective ways to hurricane proof windows and doors? Are there ways to do it yourself or do you have to hire an expert? There are options for all budgets and all levels of DIY. The key is taking action and getting your home protected.

1.         Adding window film

2.          Window film is perhaps the simplest fix. It’s greats for Do It Yourselfers and at around $25 a foot, it’s the simplest and most affordable option. Window film is a simple coating applied to your existing windows that keeps them from shattering into your home in gale force winds. The nice thing about this solution is you’re improving on what you already have rather than replacing or adding.

3.         Cover windows with plywood sheeting

4.          Plywood is hard to beat for storm protection but the downside of this fix is that it is not a permanent solution. Sheets of half inch plywood make a great barrier using heavy-duty screws and anchors or expansion bolts if you’re working into masonry. This needs to be done each time there is danger of a hurricane so it’s labor intensive and quite often you do all the work and the hurricane never happens.

5.         Add storm shutters

6.          The great thing about storm shutters is that they are permanently ready to deploy when the storm comes is a more expensive fix. The great thing is whether or not you are at home, it will be protected. This works well for frequent travellers or those who can afford a high end solution. Shutter installation is best left to professional installers and you can expect to spend as much as $50 per square foot.

7.         High impact glass windows

8.          High impact windows are an upgraded window that stays in place permanently. Two panes of tempered glass are separated by a plastic film they come in many standard sizes that can fit your homes design however the downside is that you can expect to pay three times as much for windows that includes high-impact glass.

The good thing is encourage you to take steps to minimize damage, some insurers offer discounts for hurricane-mitigation improvements.

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