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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Floorspace coir rugs are an eco friendly alternative to synthetic rugs

We all have heard about the three R's- reduce, recycle and reuse. But we are always left wondering how we can utilize upon it to do our bit to the environment. Well, interestingly you can always be cosier to nature by transforming the way we spend our day to day lives. A bit of consciousness in the daily choices and lifestyle can go long way in ensuring environmental conservation. 

In the present context, companies are increasingly looking out for ways to utilize the world’s natural resources to bring about organic decorating materials to their customers homes. Natural fibres, nature’s grasses and even bamboo are being harvested to create eco friendly area rugs to decorate our rooms.  

The best amongst all are coir rugs, derived from coconut husk; coir rugs are absolutely renewable, and biodegradable. Not only their manufacturing but the disintegration is also 100% natural. Derived from natural sources, there are absolutely no chances of its extinction and no pressure on the natural resources. This coir rug is made up of coconut fibres that are textile grade thread that is only used to weave rugs, but they actually make preferable attire and anything that could be possible with the thread. 

Once expired, it does no harm to the environment as it returns back to the earth. 

Well, what is so amazing about the coir rugs, the reason can be attributed to its make up whereby the raw material is actually obtained as the desired product of coconut harvesting? Owing to the fact that the coconut is being cultivated in Asian countries, the natural material is never ending and an absolutely renewable resource.

Owing to the strong fibre material of coconut, it holds together the thread for a much larger stretch and offers service for a considerable time before deteriorating to an absolutely unusable point.

The above mentioned point clearly speaks of the durability of Floorspace coir rugs that promises to last for a longer time.

It can withstand great wear and tear. It is a perfect choice for high traffic areas like kid’s playrooms, office spaces or living rooms where you expect a lot of visitors walking over it.

Interestingly, the cultivation of coconut plantations do not require any fertilizers or pesticides thus, you can appreciate yourself for going easy on environment by purchasing coir rugs.

Pricing is key factor when it comes to consumer’s choices, despite the five star benefits; coir rugs are available in the market at the most affordable prices. Its cost effectiveness also adds to its popularity over the synthetic counterparts.

One of the major advantages is its easy maintenance. A few shakes ward of any dust or dirt, however it is recommended to vacuum clean it as it will enhance the life span of coir rugs.

It is anti allergic and thus the most suitable choice for anyone with health concerns. If you have a family member at home suffering from asthma or any person having allergies then coir rugs is just the right choice for you.

It is resistant to mould or mildew formations despite prolonged exposure to moisture and these advantages are gained from the tough fibres of coir.

But as they say, every coin has two sides, a rosy and seamy one. On similar grounds, coir rugs also offer some disadvantages like its rough texture that feels unpleasant to bare skin. Also, if you happened to purchase dyed coir rugs chances are it would expire soon as dying weakens the strands of coir fibres. 

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