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Friday, September 23, 2016

Kohl’s discount codes and promo codes

Kohl’s Corporation, doing business as Kohl’s is an American Departmental Store chain. The first ever kohl’s store to ever exist was created by Maxwell Kohl in Milwaukee in 1946. However, kohl family left the management of the company in 1979, few years after British-American Tobacco Company took controlling interest in the company. In 1986 a group of investors purchased the company and took it public in 1992.

In the United States kohl’s is the second largest departmental chain today.

Company Overview:

The headquarters of the company is located in the Milwaukee suburb of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. It operates 1,162 stores in 49 states. Kohl’s is largest department store chain in terms of number as of February 2013. It was the 20th largest retailer in USA in terms of revenue in 2013. And it is also the second largest chain by Retail sales.
Kohl’s opened a test store built around, selling only returned, yet as new home goods, clothing, jewellery and accessories. This store was called Off aisle by Kohl’s and will sell goods at a lower price and all the sales from the store will be final.

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation awarded kohl’s 65 million dollars in 2012.


In every Kohl’s store they use a racetrack aisle that circles the entire store. This is a borrowed technique from other discount stores. After a consumer investigation conducted by CBS News it was discovered that kohl’s had engaged in the practice of marking up products. They made the products appear as if they were available at a discounted prices and artificially inflating the price mark down.

Coupons and promo codes:

Kohl’s release frequent well advertised coupons, typically between the ranges of 15% to 30% in both in-store and online purchases. Don’t forget to look for free shipping codes from kohl’s whenever you are shopping online. Their biggest discount is the monthly kohl’s 30% off discount for Kohl’s Charge card holders.

Smart shoppers can stack different types of kohl’s promo codes. One can combine a 20% off sitewide kohl’s coupon with a 10$ off 30$ coupon code for maximum savings. Doing this on items already a part of kohl’s sale can equate more than 60% in many cases. You just have to remember that you can’t typically combine two percentage-off promo codes.

If you don’t have any coupons available don’t worry, you can still save 20% on your first purchase. You just need to sign up for the Kohl’s charge card. The card also provides you special discount at least 12 times a year. Also keep your eyes out for kohl’s cast events, which will give you a 10$ coupon for every 50$ purchase.

Keep in mind that you cannot combine more than 4 kohl’s cash coupons at a time. If you are on a mobile device you can only stack two coupons per purchase.

Kohl’s free shipping codes also comes up occasionally in terms of shipping. But if you purchase 75$ or above, you can get free shipping promo codes anytime. One other way of getting free shipping codes is to go into your local kohl’s and order from the in-store kohl’s kiosks which will ship items free to your location and you can still use two promo codes on kiosk purchases.

Kohl’s provides you attractive discounts and offers throughout the year and also provides you with free shipping in case of selected purchase making you shopping experience efficient and pocket friendly.

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