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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Small Granny Flats for Extra Fun at Your Home

A secondary suite or an accessory suite is the result of modern thinking and urban planning system. It is common in the developed countries like North America, and European countries, which refers to an additional living space which may or may not be separated from the main dwelling place and is located in the back yard of the urban settlements.

They are sometimes referred to as a home away from home. In North American states the term used for these kinds of settlements is the granny flats, where as in the European countries the term flat is replaced by annex and is thus known as granny annex.

Legal Considerations

In many North American and European countries, there is no provision in law for these kinds of settlements as they do not distinguish the boundary of the house, and are thus prohibited. While there are some concessions in laws and they are free to use the term as mother in law house or guest apartment to suit their need, and these kinds of constructions, as said, is the modern way of thinking.

Most of the countries, you can make this kind of settlement inside your own housing boundary, and if your house have your own backyard which is registered under the same name as the main dwelling place, then you are free to make necessary arrangements and are free to do whatever your feel like, but if you are unsure then you might want to check the law book or get some confirmations from the local sheriff who will guide you through the process. If the signal is green, then here are some nice few tips on what you can do in granny flats, or else you can make some necessary arrangements with the law suits, and carry on!

A Place for the Elderly

The elderlies of the house have lived their life, and generally prefer some quite time alone in their own space where they can enjoy their time, and spend some time in things which they like. For instance many people have special interest in arts, but they were unable to achieve that in their busy life, for this now you can make one of these house for your grandmother or grandfather who can explore the world of arts on their own in these places.

Effective usage of Extra Space

Most of the time if you have a back yard, then they go unnoticed and many a times due to our work load and busy schedules we do not take care of our back yard which thus goes back in to their former wilderness.

For this, you might want to consider making of the granny annex in your back yard where you can do just more than spend some quality times during the evenings. When the back yard is open, you find no usage, but to use this piece of land effectively you can make an outhouse with an attic where you get some extra storage spaces. Apart from this, here are some quick examples of what you can do in a small granny flat:

  • Decorate the place according to your need, and spend some quality time,
  • Display your works and creativity in your granny flat,
  • You can store some items in these extra dwelling places,
  • Want a separate home for yourself where you can work without getting disturbed, then think of granny flat as a boon and make one for yourself.
In this day, some modern people with modern thinking have come up with many ideas and designs for you to explore, and thus you can get a great granny flat all for yourself or for the elderlies.

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