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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Water Safety

During the hot summer months, those of us that have backyard pools, look forward to cooling off by taking frequent dips in the crystal clear blue water. Although pools are fun, relaxing and enjoyable, they can carry with them a certain element of danger if proper pool safety is not followed. Familiarizing yourself and your family with proper pool etiquette and putting in place the appropriate safety measures is the safest way to enjoy pool time.
First and Foremost…

Learn how to swim if you don’t already know how to. Enroll your kids in an age-appropriate class as well. Knowing how to swim is the first line of defense against accidental drowning, or near drowning incidences. You should also know first aid and CPR, just in case something happens that may require these types of procedures. Make sure that young children are supervised at all times and no more than an arm’s length away from a responsible adult. Following these basic pool safety rules that focus more on the behaviors everyone should practice around water, is the first step.

Securing the Area…

Clearly, having a pool in your backyard is fun and a great way for family and friends to cool off on hot summer days. However, safety should aways precede fun. There are plenty of things you can do to make the area around the pool safer for everyone, particularly little ones. Purchase a safety gate that surrounds the entire perimeter of the pool and has a self-latching gate. This is a huge precautionary measure that anyone can take that will create exponentially more peace of mind. Even when the pool is not in use there are measures that should be taken. Cover hot tubs and pools with the appropriate netting and covers to prevent access. You can even go as far as installing a pool alarm that will go off when anyone gets in the pool. Do your best to fully secure the pool area so that time spent around the pool is both fun and safe for family and friends.

Pool Maintenance

Last but not least, make sure you are performing the scheduled maintenance and upkeep for the pool itself. A poorly maintained pool is a safety hazard in and of itself. A chipped surface could create stumbling hazards which could cause serious injuries. If your pool is older and beginning to chip and crumble, repair it by contacting a professional company that performs Pool surface remodeling West Palm Beach FL. Keep the water clean and change the filters as scheduled. Any and everything you can do to preserve and maintain the health and safety of your pool will add years of use to it.

Having a backyard pool is a welcomed addition to most people’s homes. The fun and recreation it provides for friends and family are undeniable. However, pool safety should be an integral part of every pool-side celebration. Prepare yourself and your family by learning how to swim as well as learning the proper first aid and CPR techniques. Secure and care for the pool area by making sure its exterior is in good condition and that the water is kept clean. After all, a safe pool is a fun pool.

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