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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How to Paint Consistent Layers

Painting consistent layers can be something of a difficult task, especially if you are painting over a large area. If you have a large room to paint or multiple rooms, you’ll likely need more than one can of paint. That introduces the possibility that the different cans of paint could be inconsistent. In the age of automated paint mixing, that is less of a problem but it is still a possibility. Furthermore, there are human factors that can lead to uneven paint layers. If you are painting your home, you should learn to paint like the professionals. If it all sounds like too much work, you should just hire a professional. 
Painting has three factors that can contribute to the colour and consistency: the paint, the wall, and the painter.
The Paint Itself
The paint itself is the first point of contention. Professional painters in Perth will advise you that the most important factor is buying all of your paint in the same place at the same time. Paint is mixed by computer settings now so it is more reliable than it used to be in the past. However, those machines still have to be calibrated by human beings. That leaves them open to calibration errors. Also, if the person mixing your paint does not properly input the settings for the proper colour, it could be different shades. The machines at different stores could actually be calibrated differently as well. So, even if you go to different stores on the same day or the same store on different days, you could get different shades of paint. You should buy all of your paint at the same time.
Also, you should buy more paint than you think you will need. If you try to stretch the paint to cover more area, it will come through in thinner layers that don’t match. The painter is also an important consideration.
The Painter Himself or Herself
When you are painting your walls, you should make sure that you apply the paint as evenly as possible. You should try to keep the pressure you use consistent as that will help apply the paint in similar thicknesses. Also, you should complete every finishing stroke in the same direction. You should stroke straight towards the floor. Furthermore, you need to apply the same number of layers to each wall. The thickness of the paint actually affects the shade of the colour. It’s very subtle but it will be noticeable if the different shades are side by side. That’s why it’s important not to change cans of paint while working on the same wall.
If all of this sounds like too much work, you can call professionals who will do it for you. When you hire professionals, you know that you will be getting high-quality paint applied by expert hands. They will provide you with quality service and all you have to do is call the right team. There are many people who pose as painters but aren’t very reliable. Look for a reliable team you can trust.

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