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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Protect Your Windows with Shutters

The windows at your business are your biggest vulnerability. Windows are often the place that criminals target when they try to break into your business. Also, your windows are the parts of your building most likely to be damaged by debris in strong storms. Lastly, windows are the most common thermal bridges in your home.
Thermal Bridging
Thermal bridging is the process of heat moving in and out of your home. Since warm air is more active than cold air, it is always trying to move to colder areas. During the summer, warm air moves into your home from outside. It often travels through your windows because you cannot insulate your windows the way your walls are insulated. During the winter, warm air in your home moves out into the colder air outside. If you install shutters on your windows, you can reduce any possible thermal bridging. Heavy secure shutters are much better at insulating than glass alone. A specialist in Staffordshire roller shutters - sales, installations, and repairs can help you protect your windows.
Damage to Your Windows
You can also reduce the damage to your windows with shutters. They will form a solid metal barrier over the glass that protects it from physical damage. Businesses often benefit from metal shutters because they are able to prevent visibility into the business as well as stop someone from breaking in. Reducing visibility is a great feature because most break-ins are crimes of opportunity and not planning. A criminal walking by might notice that no one is in your store and decide to commit a crime. If he or she cannot see in, he or she is much less likely to ever make the attempt.
Even if he or she does make the attempt, the metal shutters will reduce the likelihood that he or she will succeed. If you want to protect your business from heat transfer, debris, and criminals, the only solution is to install shutters.

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