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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Female Intuition

Here is a message for all the guys out there: Women’s intuition is real. Sure it isn’t measurable on any sort of scale, nor is there an instrument that can tell you how intuitive your female partner is, but it’s real. Millions of men can attest to this and confirm that they have indeed been stumped in the past by it’s awesome and mysterious power.

When a man lies to a woman it’s like he gives off a scent or a signal that is picked up by a piece of a woman’s brain developed over thousands of years. The evolution of this specialized organ must have started around the time communication and languages came to be. The first caveman to grunt a lie to his female mate was also the first caveman to get caught in a web of lies. He said he was going out to hunt for the evening’s dinner, but really he was visiting another cave across the valley. Needless to say, he was not invited back into the cave ever again and likely met his demise by the jaws of a saber tooth tiger. Some experts claim men have the same powers of intuition as women but because intuition is viewed as more of a feminine trait, men have essentially reversed evolution on themselves by ignoring these feelings of intuition, leaving women with the ultimate lie-sniffing capabilities. Way to screw that one up, guys. It doesn’t even have to be a substantial fib in order for a woman to catch it. For example, a guy could say he needs to run to the store for toilet paper and coffee when really he just wants to try out that new video game at his single friends’ house. You can bet as soon as he gets home his wife will smell the lies all over him, in which case he better be prepared with some of these Groupon coupons from Teleflora so he can order an “I’m Sorry Bouquet”.

So, to guys out there, a little white lie every so often isn’t that bad as long as you’re prepared to get caught. Just don’t be a cheater. Remember the caveman? You’ll meet your demise just like he did.

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