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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Creative Home Decor Tips for Your Residential Apartment in Ballygunge

With Christmas around the corner, you must be having ample of home decor ideas in your mind for your residential apartment in Ballygunge. Introduce the grooving moment and the festive mood by adorning your home with wonderful Christmas decorations. You can find plenty of ready-made decorative items in the market, but have you ever thought of homemade decorations for your residence! If not, then give it a thought this year to make your Christmas a memorable one.

When you can save money then why go for external and expensive home decoration options this Christmas. Here below are some of the best homemade and creative home decor tips for your residential apartment in Ballygunge .

Make a Bow Wreath

Creating exclusive things from simple objects is something you can do on your own. Create a simple, yet attractive festive wreath this Christmas and trust me it will not drain your wallet. Use the hot gluing bows of different colours and a Styrofoam wreath to make the floral garland. It would hardly take 25 minutes to complete the entire process. Just paste the hot gluing bows to the wreath to get the look. Make sure that you have covered the whole wreath from all sides.

Go For a Candy Cane Vase

How about a candy cane vase this Christmas? Arrange for an empty can, a box full of candy canes and hot glue gun. Make use of the glue to wrap the empty can with the candy canes and then take a scrapbook paper to cut a circle and glue that over the can. Take a scrap ribbon matching the candy colours in order to tie around the candy canes. Get a bunch of artificial red flowers and place them in the can. Use a wire cutter and cut the flowers down to size.    

Craft Your Own Mistletoe

You must have come across the mistletoe decorations during Christmas. The readymade ones are available in the shops as well. To be specific, they look quite unappealing, so it is always advisable to take up the project on your own.

Take a fabric pencil, fabric glue/hot glue, one green felt sheet, a ribbon and pearl embellishments to start with the arrangement. Draw a few mistletoe sprigs in order to use as a template. Cut them out in shapes and then trace around the same on the green felt sheet using a fabric pencil. Now, flip the template right over, so the leaves face the opposite directions.

Cut out the different green felt shapes and accordingly arrange the sprigs. Use the hot glue to paste the leaves and stems so that they overlap. Arrange the pearl embellishments and glue them on the sprigs. Finally, make use of the ribbon bow by tying it around the stems. In order to create an attractive hanger, cut an extra length of 8-inch ribbon and glue it to the sprigs’ back. Now hang your newly designed mistletoe just above the door.

No wonder, such innovative ideas at inexpensive rates are sure to make your residential apartment in Ballygunge stand out from the crowd.

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