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Monday, December 26, 2016

Explore the Best Watch Brand: Timex

The iconic brand of watches – Timex is known to this world from as early as 1854. And right from the beginning, the brand has brought the most innovative and unique varieties of watches before us. Timex has always applied cutting-edge technologies for the production of watches. And if you find out the comparative watch price in India, Timex will come as the best budget friendly brand.

The brand has revolutionized the art of watch making and created an esteemed and loved watch brand all over the globe. Particularly, when we talk about digital watches, the brand that strikes first to anyone’s head is Timex. The company is one of the first to come up with the innovative idea and develop digital watches, especially the Ironman line of digital watches. This was named after the Ironman World Championship triathlon.

The watches from Timex celebrate the value of trust and reliability of customers. The watches have always been compelling, engaging and spirited fashion for all generations in spite of so many competitor brands available in the market. Timex has turned out to be a household name because of its reliability, designs, durability, and performance.

The key features of these watches are longer battery life, outstandingly durable gold plating, highest accuracy, attractive look, and last but not the least is its water resistant varieties. The quality of its product and the fashionable designs are the key aspects that drive the success of Timex. And, if you consider the competitor brands, you will understand how Timex has built a solid reputation for its durable watches.

Here are a few varieties of the brand that have blown away the market with their features. Let us see them.
  • Versus: Versus was created in 1989. These watches are urban and young looking, very dynamic at the same time. The latest Versus watches emphasize on features like bold look and edgy design. The Versus Woman collection has dynamic spirit and a feminine flair, stylishly reflected in circular paillettes of polished steel. The men collection is classic and elegant that reflect its quality and fashionable appeal.
  • Versace: The collection of Versace’s watches is designed according to the Maison’s intrinsic style. These are characterized by the Versace logo and combine Swiss technology with unique Italian style.
  • Timex: Timex is known for its reliability, designs, durability, and outstanding performance. The name that is leader amongst digital watches.
  • Opex: Opex watches represent the contemporary French style. This is a women’s brand and are ultimately trendy and stylish. Each timepiece is unique, attractive, and relatable to today’s woman.
  • GC: Sequel AG, a Timex watches company, is a Swiss firm that distributes GC Watches worldwide through a network of distributors and retailers. These are sophisticated and luxury designs.
  • GUESS: These watches are also distributed by Sequel AG. These watches are considered to be sexy and adventurous in appearance.
  • NAUTICA: Nautica watches are stylish with bold colors and unique designs. Nautica watches reflect energetic lifestyle. These watches fuse the classic American style and the latest technical innovation.
  • Salvatore Ferragamo: The Salvatore Ferragamo watches are very classic and contemporary in designs. This was launched in the year 2008 at Baselworld. These watches express the iconic features of the Ferragamo tradition like the Gancino. It has made creative use of colors, combined contrasting i.e. unusual and sophisticated materials, and experimented a bit with the shape and volume. The special appeal of these watches is the prestige materials and the sophisticated designs, along with the technical perfection of the Swiss Made movements.

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