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Monday, December 12, 2016

How to Convert a Garage

Your garage is probably the largest room in your home that doesn’t get much use. If you have cars that you park in there, you are obviously using it. However, could it be put to better use? If you need extra space or if you need to rent out the space to make some extra money, you should consider converting your garage. Your garage can be used as another room, a flat, or a workspace. Your garage as it is might not be appropriate as a living space, though. You’ll need to take some steps to make it work better. These steps are much easier and more cost-effective if you hire professionals to do the work for you. 

Walls and Windows
Your garage is likely more susceptible to temperature changes than the rest of your home. During the summer, it is likely hotter than the rest of your house. During the winter, it is likely colder. That’s because it probably does not have adequate insulation. Avon builders can convert your garage into a liveable space with some modest changes. If you have windows in your garage, they will likely improve insulation by converting them to uPVC windows. These window frames protect from heat transfer. Also, you might want to actually add another wall to your garage. Adding a layer of drywall with some insulation behind it is a great idea for controlling the temperature
The floor in your garage is likely concrete. That’s great for cleaning up oil and fluid leaks but it doesn’t address how cold concrete can be. The simplest solution is to put down a rug, but if you want a more permanent solution, professionals can install a new floor on top of the concrete. A new floor will insulate better than a rug alone; also, it will give the room a look of permanence as opposed to just a temporary living space.

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