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Monday, December 12, 2016

Use High Quality Sea Grass Rugs to Change the Mood of Your Rooms

We live in a time where the earth is heating up every single day and moving towards slow destruction. If you love Mother Nature and want to help her, going green is the best possible means. There are many ways of incorporating a green lifestyle and one major way of doing so is by using décor items which are completely made from natural fibers or as we call them ‘natural fiber’.

Hemp, coir, sisal, jute and sea grass all fall in this category of natural fibers. Each one of them has their own specification and unique properties. Sea grass rugs and carpets have a lot of texture and a light brown color which makes them ideal for low cost indoor décor. Sea grass is obtained from the swamp and marshy land of China, where sea water floods the land. The grass grown on these marshes are later harvested and woven into beautiful rugs. Manufacturing a sea grass carpet is easy and has very little carbon footprints on the face of earth making them one of the most sought after natural plant fiber material.
Advantages of Using Sea Grass Fiber over Any Other Type of Fiber

  • Carpets made from sea grass are bio degradable, which means that once the carpet becomes old and damaged, you can easily replace them. They disintegrate quite easily without leaving any carbon footprints behind. This re-cycle property of sea grass ensures that it does not sit and occupy a piece of land for eternity like synthetic rugs or carpets.
  • Sea grass rugs and runners are extremely smooth and soft to the human skin. They feel very comfortable to touch and are very comfortable to walk around even barefoot. They do not slip on the floor, which makes them a great décor item throughout the house, including sensitive places like the kids room.
  • Sea grass rugs have their own natural color which is a very light shade of green. After a period of time, the green color slowly fades and turns into light brown. The natural color of sea grass makes it a highly sought after material. Since sea grass rugs have a soft texture, they can be used in a number of places throughout the house.
  • Sea grass carpets do not allow dust to settle in, which is why they remain clean for a long period of time. You can place them in high traffic areas like the doorway and get relief from cleaning it at a regular interval.
  • Sea grass has excellent insulation properties, which is why they are often used for insulation procedures. is a leading supplier of sea grass carpets in Australia. You can place order for your product online with the help of some basic steps. The price of each carpet varies depending upon the configuration which means that there is something for everyone at Floorspace. You can create a host of different designs for your carpet and save them on their website. The company uses the highest quality material and highly skilled staff to supply or install each and every rug for their customers.

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