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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Many Types of Fireplaces

Having a fireplace can be great, especially during the colder months when any extra warmth is appreciated. If your house wasn’t built with a fireplace, though, you may have resigned yourself to the fact that you’ll never have one of these lovely features. However, that’s no longer true, thanks to the many different types of fireplaces that are now available. If you don’t have a chimney in your home, you don’t have to set aside money to remodel the house to add one. Instead, you can simply add one of these other types of fireplaces that don’t need a chimney.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are very popular because they can be used anywhere you want them to be. In fact, they operate similarly to a portable heater. Some electric fireplaces are designed to replace a real fireplace. They fit within the hearth area under your mantel. Some are built within their own mantels. Both of these options can be indistinguishable from real fireplaces at first glance. Many people like electric fireplaces because they can adjust the heat and can operate them via remote control.

Other electric fireplaces are designed to be hung on the wall. They look similar to flat screen televisions in a way. You can hang these fireplaces anywhere you want as long as there is an electrical outlet nearby. They can also be recessed into the wall to look like traditional fireplaces, too. What’s great about this option is that you can place it virtually anywhere in your home without worrying about floor space since it hangs on the wall.

Gas Fireplaces
Gas fireplaces are similar to a gas grill or even a gas stove. You do need to have a gas line run to your fireplace, though. There are two types of gas fireplaces, neither of which needs a chimney. Direct vent fireplaces do need to be on an outside wall, however, because they draw in outside air and vent gas out through the wall. Ventless fireplaces, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere in your home. They burn cleanly and do not create any harmful carbon monoxide. You’ll find a number of both types of gas fireplaces in East Yorkshire.

Wood Fireplaces

If you want to go with a classic fireplace, you’ll want a wood-burning one. These fireplaces don’t have to be built into your home, although you will have to have a chimney and connected ductwork to vent the fireplace. Some of these wood-burning fireplaces and stoves do have a rear vent, which means that the air goes out behind the fireplace through the wall behind it. This can help make installation easier and more affordable.

Flueless Fireplaces
Flueless fireplaces are gas fireplaces that do not need any type of flue. This means you can install them in any place in your home where they can be connected to your gas supply. These fireplaces turn on with the flick of a switch or even with a remote, just like other gas and electric options.

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