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Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Definitive Guide To Mirrors

Mirrors is an object that reflects light in a variety of ways. The most common type of mirror used by customers is a plane mirror that has a plain surface. Curved mirrors are available, too. These mirrors can create magnified or scaled down images. Usually, both men and women for personal grooming use mirrors. They can be seen in scientific equipment like telescopes, microscopes, lenses, looking glasses, in internal decoration, textiles, decorative jewelry, and many more practical applications. Also, glasses can be seen in the kitchen and living-room applications, too.

Mirrors are produced by gently applying a coating that is reflective and made of a substrate which is very suitable. The frequently used substrate is glass. This is very common because of the ease in which glass can be fabricated, its transparent nature, hardness, reliability, and an enhanced ability to provide a very smooth finish. 

Using mirrors in interior decors is a good idea because mirrors make the rooms look larger and provide a sophisticated look to the particular room. In outdoor areas, the mirrors reflect outdoor candle lights beautiful and make the house look bright and shiny.

The Most Creative Mirror Designs Available in the Market.

There is a wide and huge  variety of mirror designs that are available in the market. These mirror designs reflect the personality of the user. Some of the latest designs are listed below.

The Interactive Mirror – This is one of the creative mirror design that was designed by Alpay Kasal and Sam Ewen. 

The Skateboard Mirror – This mirror is in the shape of a skateboard.       
The Belvedere Mirror – This mirror is shaped in the form of the country Italy on the World Map. 
The Razorblade Mirror – This mirror is in the shape of a razorblade.

The Looking Good Sunglasses Mirror – This creative mirror shaped like Ray Ban wayfarer style sunglasses. 

The Criminal Mug Shot Mirror – This is not a mirror that is usually seen in a house, but it is a creative mirror that has been marketed by a local taxi company in Cape Town. This was primarily designed to encourage taxi drivers to not drive when they are in an inebriated state.

The Tetris Mirror – This is a creative mirror which is designed in such a way that there are 13 panels. These 13 panels can be arranged in any way as decided by the user. 

How  Tall Are You? – This creative design helps the user to compare his/her own height. Also, the heights of famous celebrities are displayed on the mirror. This is a good collectible for any house.

Vous Mirror – This mirror is designed in the shape of a Thumbs Up.

Ironing Board Mirror – The mirror is placed behind an ironing board and is a great utility mirror that is necessary for every household.

Jump Out Mirror – This was designed by MicroWorks from Japan. There is a big mirror which contains a detachable small mirror in the form of a hand-held mirror. These two mirrors are held together by magnets.

Clipboard Mirror – This creative mirror looks like a clipboard from a distance. On a closer look, it acts as a mirror and can be used as a clipboard, too.

Pereto Moreno Vanity Circle Mirror – This is a beautifully designed mirror which is based by a South American Glacier. This mirror is unique because there are 12 bulbs used on the edges of the mirror. These bulbs enable the user to use this as a mount wall lamp as well.

Vertana Mirror – This is shaped like a reindeer and can be used as a clothes hanger as well.

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