- Everest Haber


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Traditionally sand bags were used in the garden for preventing overflow of water or not letting the rodents from the other end of the field enter the farm or even the garden area. However, with time, these bags have also generated more value as they are eco-friendly and can be used for more than many ways when it comes to the outdoors. 

What are the benefits of sandbags?

Sandbags prevent overflowing of water

Over the years, these bags have been used to control water issues. So if you have a garden and the neighbor is constantly complaining about the mud and the water from it going over there, it is best to use these sand bags. They can be placed along the sides of your garden or a similar area thus preventing the same.

These bags provide convenience and versatility 

They are very easy to use. There is no science and technology related to the use of these bags. All that you have to do is take a sand bag and then just fill the same with sand. It can be a jute one or even use other forms of material. Tie it up well and then use it. There is really not much fuss related with the same. Right from jute to plastic, the sandbags can be made of different materials and their capacity differs accordingly. 

Low cost and budget friendly

Budget friendly is another benefit that these bags provide you with. Imaging getting a bag or purchasing heavier bolsters from the market to prevent the overflowing water. These bags in fact come at a fraction of a cost as compared to the other materials available out there. 

Easier storage and usage

Along with all of these, there is also no denying that these bags do show positive results. In fact, sand bags are highly suggested for people who live near the lake or the river and have the issue of overflowing water bodies. Storage of these bags is quite simple. You don’t have to take out the sand really. Just place them on top of one another in the garage or the shed. When there is a flood or excessive rains, then you can place these bags around the overflowing areas. Because sand absorbs water, these bags prevent your home and the garden from getting wrecked.

Most sand bags made of jute and cloth are eco-friendly: There is no denying that these sand bags are actually eco-friendly too. You don’t have to use any chemicals here or set up artificial barricades in these cases. Just make use of the sand bag and enjoy the benefit of preventing water overflow. The sand here is also reusable. Even if it has become damp, all that you have to do is lay it out in the sun on some concrete or other solid material. Then when it is dry, reuse it again and fill up the bags.

        Easier placement is an added benefit here because you just have to get these out of the shed and place the sand bags around. 

        Also, when you are done with using the sand bags or are moving or something, then just empty these in another part of the garden and add vegetable compost and other matter to it. Doing so will help you generate your own manure

        The sand from these bags can also be used for creating your own garden or sand pit of the kids.

So go ahead and enjoy the multiple benefits of these bags. You can install these bags in your garden just before monsoon arrives, so that the landfills do not damage the roots of the trees, and so that there is no uprooting of small saplings.

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