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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Travelling the Globe from the Comfort of Home

Gloria is a travel agent.  She is one of those kind of agents who does the bulk of her work at home, indoors working on her computer.  She collects notices from major hotel chains like Hilton, from major and regional airlines, cruise lines, and railways.  Her work has her checking out the operation schedules of the various travel services, from airlines to taxi or limousine services.   

The magnitude of paper and the amount of time spent convicted her that while she enjoyed the idea of working from her home, her apartment wasn’t properly arranged to serve as a place of business.  So when she bought her first home, she promptly converted a unused storage closet into her dedicated business office.  She began by setting up her computer system work station in one corner that was originally filled with shelves for tool storage.  She soon found herself using Groupon promo codes to gather information on available and upcoming events at Hilton Hotels worldwide.  These deals included special opportunities for weekend packages and $50 daily credits for those who booked their Leisure Package.  Display shelves against a wall showed these and other travel deals.  The wall also displayed information about major travel carriers and tour companies.  A “video table” was set up to give her customers a more realistic view of the information available from various carriers about different sites.  She had a laser printer installed so she could print out tickets, schedules and travel information to distribute at the request of anyone who inquired about a possible journey or destination. 

Gloria’s business grew rapidly as customers told one another how they could visit her office and leave with tickets, reservations, maps, travel brochures and a travel itinerary all in their hands after one meeting.  And her income grew substantially since she wasn’t required to pay the costs for office space and operation.  The office she’d established at her home soon became filled with flyers and info from Hilton properties throughout the globe.  She now makes sure her customers benefit by using Groupon promo codes and sales coupons whenever possible.  

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