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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What Makes Futon Beds from Japan a Customer's First Choice?

If you have never lived in a country like Japan before, then you may find sleeping on the floor a strange concept. Sure, the only time you may have done so was when you went out camping, right? Undoubtedly, beds are important parts of our lives, and the apex of civilization! 

Sleeping on the floor for centuries is a common part of Japanese culture, and it comes with many health benefits too. These days, most people turn to futon beds from Japan,which come with three main components that complete the set. They comprise of a mat (Shikibuton), quilt (Kakebuton), and the pillow (Makura).
If you decide to buy a Japanese-style, then here are five reasons why your choice is an excellent one.

Enough Room Space for Sleepovers

When you receive unexpected guests who would spend the night in your home, not having enough room space is something that would bother you. A reason why most people in countries like the US turn to futon beds is that they can spread them in any space. You can spread a futon mattress on hard wooden floors as well. However, if you want to make it softer, you can use a tatami mat underneath. 

If your friends visit you for a sleepover, that is no problem at all. Since futons are cheaper, you can spare two or three in your closet for days like these. Simply roll out extra futons and give your friends a royalty time by letting them sleep comfortably.

Lightweight and Easy to Store

Futon beds are compact, lightweight, and easy to store, making them a first choice among customers. Unlike other futons available in the US market, traditional futon beds from Japan contain 100% natural elements like pure cotton. They are eco-friendly and do not contain any manmade polyurethane foam pads for softness.

This not only makes them comfortable, but easier, compact, safer and lighter for storage purposes. You also have the choice to store them in a vacuum pack, which would not have any adverse effects on its quality in the long term.

They are Cheaper

It is nothing new that beds are expensive. When you head out to purchase one, you have to get sheets, pillows, a spring box, mattress, frame, and the headboard. The list keeps going on and your final bill could give you a mini heart attack! However, when you invest in a futon mattress, all you need are pillows, sheets, and a blanket. Depending on what you purchase, you would end up spending on a minimum amount as compared to the costs of a king-size bed.

If you move from an apartment to a double story home, moving the entire bed set is more like a nightmare. Along with additional expenses, you would have to worry about the space it occupies in the moving truck. However, a futon bed could save you from the stress. It fits inside a car, and you would not need to spend much on the moving costs.

Sleeping on a Futon Mattress is Good for Your Body

Usually, people have this belief that sleeping on a thick, soft and smooth mattress promotes better health. However, this is not necessarily true. Sleeping on extra cushiony mattresses can put your body in strange positions. While you sleep for hours, you would end up subjecting your body to severe health hazards like weakening of bones, misalignment of muscles, and joint pains over the days.

On the other hand, sleeping on a futon mattress can help to keep your hips, shoulder, back, and head in a neutral, straight position as you sleep. This prevents small damages that could build up eventually. Sleeping on quality beds in some cases also helps to relieve body pains, strengthens joints, and keeps you away from regular visits to the doctor.

Enjoy Extreme Comfort

Futon beds make it to the top of the list of “must-have upholstery” in the US because they not only give your back the right support it needs but also boosts blood circulation. If you have spent most of your days sleeping on western style beds, then you may find sleeping on futons a bit of a problem for the first few weeks. However, this also depends on your sleeping habits. If you prefer softer beds, then you could invest in more padding, which are also available throughout the United States.

They Have Multiple Uses

Futons are also popular among customers in the US because you can use them for multiple purposes. If you need to transform your room space into a yoga gym, you can spread your futon as a yoga mat. Since they come with natural components, your children could also sit on them for playtime. You could also use one as a sofa for times when you need extra room to accommodate your friends or visitors.

As you can see, quality futons come with many advantages, making them the number one choice among homeowners in US. Recently, people purchasing Futon Beds from Japan also stop by for futon mattresses, covers, and quality futon beds. Use them in your home and welcome a healthier lifestyle!

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