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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Designing a 21st Century Restaurant

The restaurant business is notoriously ruthless. The vast majority of restaurants fail within one year of opening. Most of them fail because they do not draw in enough business as quickly as needed. That sounds fairly obvious, however, other businesses are capable of absorbing more losses than a restaurant. Due to its nature, restaurants have to continually buy new stock, which creates recurring unavoidable expenses. Of the restaurants that survive their first year, most of them fail within five years. Very few restaurants ever get stable footing. However, there is a lot of profit to be made if you can get your restaurant firmly established. The solution is to keep your original operating expenses as low as possible but also bring customers in as quickly as possible. To make solution a reality, you need to set yourself apart. 
Outdoor Televisions
An outdoor television isn’t exactly new, but the timing is right for adding televisions to your restaurant. You can outside tv cabinet here. Data has shown that fewer people than ever are buying cable subscriptions. The reasons are twofold: they are avoiding cable since it’s expensive, and because many cable services are redundant in terms of internet services. However, there are certain things you can’t easily do over the Internet or just don’t want to. Data has also shown that although the sales of cable subscriptions are declining, the interest in their products isn’t. People are still interested in sports, cable news, and television shows. They just watch them online or through some kind of streaming service. However, the one thing they can’t stream in most cases is live sports. That's where your restaurant comes in.
Live Sports
Live sports are something of a communal activity. If you go out with your friends to watch a football match, you probably like to go somewhere that cheers for the same side. That creates a communal atmosphere. So a pub or a restaurant with a television is a great place to go. However, if you want to be as loud as you want while cheering for your side or if you want to have a cigarette, you’ll need to be able to go outside. You’ll require outdoor televisions so you can cheer while smoking and enjoy yourself.
Very few restaurants have made the investment to install quality outdoor televisions. Some of them do have televisions, but they are mostly inside. You would either have to look through the window or be resigned to watching their low quality televisions outside. If you want to set your business apart, you need high quality televisions outdoors for your patrons. You would also need to make sure that those televisions are protected by top of the line enclosures. Any money you earn by adding televisions will be quickly offset if they get rained on and cease to function. Quality enclosures are absolutely key to a great outdoor television setup.
Buy your outdoor enclosure from a business you can trust along with a reputation for providing great service. That’s the best way to keep your televisions protected.

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