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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Benefits of Residential Solar Panels

One of the many pleasures of living in Loomis, California, is the great sunny weather. Harnessing the power of the sun to power your home is one of the many benefits of solar panels. Compared to electricity, installing these panels on your property can bring lasting benefits that will allow you to still enjoy the pleasures of the sun and add more money in your pocket.

Lower Those High Utility Bills

When considering the investment required to have solar panels installed on your home, one of the immediate benefits seen is to your utility bills. Not having to rely on electricity creates energy independence and higher dividends over time compared to electricity. Additional benefits include:

             The end of utility bills from your electric provider
             The end of ever increasing electric bills
             The end of blackouts and brownouts
             The end of dependency on power lines to provide electricity

Once the initial investment is made, the period in which savings are seen is relatively short. In the state of California, the use of solar photovoltaic (PV) delivers energy during peak times of demand on an as-needed basis, resulting in cost efficiencies for utilities. For instance, a solar panel measuring one square meter can generate approximately 100 GWh of sustainable electric power in about 12 months.

Tax Rebates, Credits and Incentives

Many Californians are aware of the tax credit of 30 percent for the Federal Investment Tax Credit (FITC). However, there is a plethora of solar related tax credits, incentives and rebates. Another popular incentive for residents are leases and agreements for power-purchases which will allow ownership by third-parties and the homeowner to be given a fixed price for electricity that is produced over the lifetime of the contract.

Add Value to Your Home

According to, values of homes increases 3 — 4 percent with solar panel system installation. Additionally, compared to the competition, homes appear to sell at a faster rate as home buyers are accepting of paying premiums for PV solar systems that are owned and not leased. Other factors such as the current value, size and location of your home must also be considered when estimating the increase in value when solar panels are present.

Eco-friendly Clean Energy

Because no emissions or waste is produced, the installation of solar panels on your home has tremendous and lasting benefits. Solar energy is cleaner and creates energy independence. Moreover, there is a great reduction on the dependence of fossil fuels as well as the carbon footprint. Solar energy is renewable, sustainable and plentiful in nature.

In the past, the installation of solar panels on residential homes was a long an arduous process. However, today, the installation process is much easier. Be sure to select independent solar consultants with years of experience and know-how regarding the proper installation required for your home and offer a free initial visit and consultation. There are is a great selection of companies that offer affordable solar panels Loomis, CA.

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