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Friday, April 7, 2017

How to Pick a Roll-on Skip

There are basically two different kinds of skips; there are standard skips that are probably the kind that first come to your mind, and there are roll-on skips. A roll-on skip is the largest type of skip, and is perfect if you have large amounts of waste or bulky waste to dispose of. For example, if you were clearing brush on a large piece of property, you might need more than just a single skip. Even if it isn’t a very heavy amount of waste, it still might require more space because it simply has a lot of volume. 
Furthermore, large amounts of furniture are best disposed of in a roll-on skip. If you are clearing out a large piece of property or you are remodelling your entire house, you might need a roll-on. Here are some of the sizes available and information on how to choose the best one for your needs.
16 Yard Roll-ons
A 16 yard roll-on is typically the smallest size of roll-on that you will find. They are measured in terms of cubic yards. A cubic yard is a three-dimensional space that is three feet tall, three feet wide, and three feet deep. You can normally fit one recliner in a one cubic yard space. A 16 yard roll-on is ideal if you have large amounts of light but bulky trash. These skips are great for people who are clearing brush, perhaps felling one or two small trees, and throwing away trash. They are one of the most popular size of skip hire in King’s Lynn. If you need a larger skip, you might choose a 20 yard roll-on.
20 Yard Roll-ons
A 20 yard roll-on is perfect for commercial projects and construction jobs. These skips are typically less than two metres tall, which means that the average person can lift and drop items into the skip without needing a ladder or having to throw the items. A 20 yard roll-on is the preferred size for many people who work in parks and want to clean up the park.
Larger Skips
Unlike smaller skips, a roll-on has to be parked on the site itself and not on the road. So, if you think you need a roll-on, you should be aware that you will need to put it in your garden or in your parking lot. If you have an office you are clearing out or a major construction job, you can put the roll-on directly on the site, but remember that they take up a significant amount of space.
Most roll-on skips are about six metres long, so you need to make sure that you have enough space to accommodate that. Roll-ons are all the same length and more space is added by making them taller. That means they fit easily on your site, but it can be more difficult to get items into the skip the taller they are.
You don’t want to hire a skip that is too large, because it will be incredibly inconvenient to get items into the skip. However, you need to make sure it is big enough for the items you are disposing. You should contact a professional team who can advise you.

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