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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Make Your Home Feel Alive with Dark Paint Colors Experiment

In past, white was the leading paint color of picking. The homeowner always picks a light color to make an illusion of space. White was a favorite color because it gives the light fresh feel to the room. However, but things are changed now. People are not hesitating to experiment dark colors. They are ready to try spectacular and bold shades in their home. Good brands of acrylic paint have a variety of dark paints.

Create Magic with Dark Colors

There is nothing to transforms a room quickly than a number of paint cans. You don’t need to choose boring or dull shades for your home. Spice up your living room, create children’s room atmosphere funny and add persona to your bedroom with the help of dark colors. If you are looking to create drama in your sterile and dull looking room then you need to experiment with dark good brands of acrylic paint. You need to make lots of decisions beginning with the room selection. Which room do you want to paint first? Is it a living room, where you will entertain your guests? Or is it your private home based office? Here’s how you can make a gorgeous house with bright and bold colors.

A Perfect and Wonderful Selection for Large Room

If the room is big and you would like to create a pleasant atmosphere, then you may pick the bright shade for the room. It makes your room perfect for conversation with your friends and spending quality time with family. A big can room makes your guests feel unwelcome. So, the brown, blue and indigo bright shades are the best choice to make a vast room feel friendly.

Tiny Room’s Trouble

Remember for a tiny room; don’t paint one single dark color. It will make you feel hemmed in. Instead, you can add bright and bold colors together in a tiny room:

Accent walls are an excellent way to adding color to a small room. If you use single color then the room’s appearance become smaller than before. When you paint the accent wall, use a pop of color to the room without creating it suffocating.

You can add neutral shades like white, gray and black to give a break from the bright colors in the room. If you are choosing bright green color paint to the furniture, go for modest browns or white to match the color scheme.

If you are looking to paint dark shades in the entire room, make sure that you accessorize your room with light colors. For example, if you paint dark blue shade in your bathroom, you can choose vanity cabinets in the light color.

Dark color experiment in your home is greeting transform from the tedious colors. It gives an alive feel to your home without spending a fortune on an expensive renovation project of home. If you think choosing dark color is a risky project, then you must hire professionals to help out you. Get guidance from color consultants and choose a color scheme which suits your personality as well as the room.

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