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Monday, April 3, 2017

Roofing - The Most Important Home Improvement of All

Anything we do to make the home a nicer place is welcome of course, and over the years, most people manage to transform a basic dwelling into a luxurious living space. While most home improvements are designed to add comfort and convenience, some are absolutely vital, as they protect the structure against the elements, but the roof must endure serious punishment in all weathers.

Fit and Forget

Once a person has made the decision to go ahead and replace the roof, thoughts must turn to the available options. There are many roofing contractors who would be only too happy to undertake the contract, and when you consider what this is likely to coast, you might as well go for the very best. Slate roofing will certainly outlast any other part of the structure, and while it is not cheap, if the job is done by an experienced slate tiler, it really is fit and forget. The long term benefits are many, including extreme durability, with many homes that are 500 years old having traditional slate roofs. Slate is impervious to water, which gives you a solid seal that will protect your interior, even in the worst of the weather.

The Right Contractor

Like most major improvements, the roof will only be as good as the contractor, so it is essential that you screen the contractor before agreeing to anything. If the roofer has a website, this would indicate they are established, and by asking for a few testimonials, you can get some added reassurance. It is always a good idea to obtain several quotes, and whatever you do, stay away from unusually cheap quotes, as it is almost certain there will be major issues. If, for example, you decided on slate roofing, you would need to find a roofer that specialises in this ancient tradition. 

Professional Advice

Often, with roofing issues, there are options, and a reputable roofing contractor would want to know if you were looking for a permanent solution, or if budget was a priority. The truth of the matter is, it is sometimes the best option to re-roof, which involves removing the roof tiles and replacing them with a new set. This is cost-effective, as the timber joists and rafters are not removed, and if you use the best slate roofing tiles, you will have a roof that requires almost no maintenance and it will never lose that unique look.

A Sound Investment

The purchase of your home should be a sound investment over time, and while there will be the inevitable maintenance, if the house is constructed using quality materials, it will stand the test of time. Slate roofs are not only extremely durable, they are also waterproof and fire resistant, and in the hot summer, a bush fire can easily cause burning embers to be floated in the area, and if one of those gets caught on the roof, it could set the house on fire. Slate roofs last for centuries and being a natural quarried stone, it is an eco-friendly option, as well as offering many other benefits to the homeowner.

The roof of any structure provides essential cover and protection against the elements, and by having the job done right the first time, you won’t have any roofing issues at all.

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